Ap­ple Sued Over 3D Touch and Force Touch

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Seems like Ap­ple can't quite catch a break th­ese days, even with 2016 just start­ing off. As if it wasn't enough that it still has sev­eral law­suits to deal with (a cou­ple of those be­ing with Sam­sung), an­other com­pany has re­cently gone pub­lic and slapped the com­pany with an­other law­suit.

The plain­tiff this time is Im­mer­sion, a tech­nol­ogy com­pany spe­cial­iz­ing in hap­tic feed­back and vi­bra­tions for mo­bile devices. The case in ques­tion? You guessed it, Ap­ple's in­fringe­ment of the com­pany's own hap­tic pa­tents. Specif­i­cally, Im­mer­sion cited Ap­ple's 3D Touch and Force Touch fea­tures as the cul­prits that in­fringe upon its pa­tent for pro­vid­ing ‘tac­tile sen­sa­tions' to hand­held devices with touch­screens, along with a sep­a­rate pa­tent for de­liv­er­ing a spe­cific type of feed­back to cer­tain ac­tions by the user.

While it's un­der­stand­able that the com­pany would sue Ap­ple for its 3D Touch, it is a bit con­fus­ing as to why the com­pany didn't go all the way with its ac­tion and sue Huawei and its Force Touch dis­play for in­fringe­ment as well. Af­ter all, Huawei's Force Touch dis­play tech­nol­ogy is also based on the same prin­ci­ples as 3D Touch, al­beit with Huawei's own im­ple­men­ta­tions to it.

Ap­ple's get­ting sued for copy­right in­fringe­ment on the 3D Touch and Force Touch fea­tures.

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