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For many, the ideal cam­era is one that’s pock­etable, takes sharp pho­tos, and is ad­vanced enough to give you some man­ual con­trols over the ex­po­sure set­tings. For many, that cam­era may come in the form of the Pow­er­Shot G5 X, which is se­cond only to the G3 X in Canon’s new compact cam­era lineup.

The G5 X has a 20.2MP, 1-inch sen­sor with an ISO range of 125 to 12,800, in ad­di­tion to hav­ing both an elec­tronic viewfinder (EVF) and a 3-inch tiltable touch­screen LCD. As for its lens mech­a­nism, it has a 24-100mm zoom (35mm equiv­a­lent) and an aper­ture that varies from f/1.8 at the widest, to f/2.8. The clos­est com­peti­tor is from the or­ange camp, and it of­fers a 24-70mm lens with the same aper­ture range, so in terms of reach, the G5 X has the up­per hand.

In terms of us­age, the G5 X is fairly re­spon­sive – it starts up quickly and lets you take pho­tos un­der a se­cond, as­sum­ing you have it in Auto mode. It fo­cuses fairly quickly and ac­cu­rately as well, though it suf­fers slightly with sub­jects that are closer than ap­prox­i­mately 15cm.

Er­gonom­i­cally, the cam­era feels good in the hand, with plenty of places to grip. With that said, the video record but­ton is placed on the thumb grip area, which makes it in­cred­i­bly easy to ac­ci­den­tally record videos.

When it comes to im­age qual­ity, the G5 X takes gen­er­ally good im­ages with very nat­u­ral color tones. If you need a lit­tle more punch though, the cam­era does al­low you to tweak the color set­tings from the menu. Speak­ing of col­ors, put the G5 X into Hy­brid Auto mode and you’ll love the fact that it can in­stantly shoot mul­ti­ple frames of the same sub­ject, with each frame hav­ing dif­fer­ent ef­fects. This fea­ture is some­thing In­sta­gram­mers will ap­pre­ci­ate as it’ll give you more op­tions when up­load­ing to your fa­vorite photo shar­ing plat­forms.

As for ISO per­for­mance, you’ll want to keep it un­der ISO 800 if you’re plan­ning to print, be­cause any­thing above that and you’ll see a sig­nif­i­cant amount of de­tail loss, along with no­tice­able noise. If you’re plan­ning to share your pho­tos on­line though, we’d rec­om­mend stay­ing below ISO 2,000.

In a nut­shell, the Canon Pow­er­Shot G5 X is a compact cam­era that is fun­da­men­tally easy to use, yet is ad­vanced enough for more ex­pe­ri­enced shoot­ers. At around the RM3,000 mark, it’s a tough choice though, as its di­rect com­peti­tor from the or­ange camp is more pock­etable, of­fers the same level of im­age qual­ity, and can shoot slow­mo­tion video.


ISO 800 Any­thing above ISO 800 and you’ll see a dip in de­tails, as well as an in­crease in noise.


ISO 200

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