Trend Mi­cro Pre­dicts that Cy­ber At­tack­ers Will Con­tinue to Go Af­ter Smaller Busi­nesses in 2016 and This Makes SMBs the Prime Tar­gets

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Ac­cord­ing to Noah Gamer, Se­nior Man­ager, Search Mar­ket­ing at Trend Mi­cro Inc., de­spite at­tacks against big com­pa­nies such as Sony Pic­tures, Tar­get, and TalkTalk, cy­ber­crim­i­nals will turn their heads to­wards small and medium-sized busi­nesses in­stead.

This is be­cause high val­ued com­pa­nies are not the eas­i­est tar­gets, es­pe­cially since there are rel­a­tively few of them. Hack­ers that are look­ing for a quick pay­day will have bet­ter suc­cess go­ing af­ter a larger num­ber of tar­gets than try­ing to or­ches­trate ad­vanced tar­geted at­tacks against one big­wig or­ga­ni­za­tion.

Their at­tacks can come in mul­ti­ple forms.

Dis­trib­uted de­nial of ser­vice at­tacks (DDoS) rep­re­sent a huge cy­ber threat to any busi­ness, but es­pe­cially to SMBs that can only af­ford lim­ited band­width. With this method, cy­ber crim­i­nals can hold an SMB’s core ser­vice at ran­som, ef­fec­tively crip­pling the com­pany and gen­er­ate losses un­til their mon­e­tary de­mands are met.

Point-of-sale mal­ware is not a new cy­ber threat, but it’s one that has be­come es­pe­cially prom­i­nent in the past few years. Ev­ery­thing from restau­rants to bou­tiques to small ser­vice providers are heav­ily tar­geted, mainly be­cause cy­ber se­cu­rity is not quite as strong for th­ese com­pa­nies. Many small busi­nesses can hardly af­ford to be­come the vic­tim of a POS mal­ware ploy, let alone cover sub­se­quent le­gal dam­ages.

Fi­nally, phish­ing scams will al­ways be a prob­lem for com­pa­nies of all sizes. Much like DDoS at­tacks, mod­ern phish­ing scams of­ten take the ex­tor­tion an­gle. There are var­i­ous forms of en­cryp­tion mal­ware, and many of them start off as phish­ing scams.

Phish­ing ploys also tar­gets so­cial me­dia por­tals as well. For an SMB that re­lies on its Web pres­ence to drive traf­fic to brick-and­mor­tar lo­ca­tions, a hacked com­pany Face­book page could be dis­as­trous. Re­gard­less of the tar­geted medium, a phish­ing scam can cause se­ri­ous pro­duc­tiv­ity set­backs for SMBs.

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