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Now, some of you might have read that Netflix Malaysia still pales in com­par­i­son to Netflix U.S. when it comes to con­tent, and that's true. Be­cause of li­cens­ing is­sues, shows like House of Cards are not avail­able on Netflix Malaysia. In fact, a com­par­i­son done showed that we only have ac­cess to about 10 per­cent of the shows and movies that Netflix U.S. has.

Sub­scrib­ing to Netflix U.S. isn't as hard as you may think ei­ther. All you need is a VPN or proxy ser­vice provider and that can be set up in as lit­tle as 15 min­utes. How­ever, there are some is­sues that you should con­sider be­fore go­ing down this route. To be­gin, sub­scrib­ing to Netflix U.S. will be costlier in the long run be­cause you need to sub­scribe to a VPN or proxy ser­vice too.

But per­haps more im­por­tantly, Netflix has said that it wants to clamp down on users by­pass­ing ge­o­graph­i­cal re­stric­tions to ac­cess its con­tent. In the past few weeks, there have been re­ports of some users in Malaysia los­ing ac­cess to Netflix U.S. as Netflix clamps down on VPN and proxy ser­vices look­ing to cir­cum­vent the ge­o­graph­i­cal con­tent re­stric­tions that the com­pany has put in place. This oc­cur­rence is not ex­clu­sive to Malaysian view­ers, Netflix U.S. view­ers in Aus­tralia also re­ported ex­pe­ri­enc­ing the same fate.

For­tu­nately for most of th­ese view­ers, they were able to re­sume watch­ing Netflix U.S. once their re­spec­tive VPN ser­vice providers found work­arounds. Peter Du­jan, uFlix's Man­ag­ing Di­rec­tor, a firm that spe­cial­izes in pro­vided Netflix U.S. to Aus­tralian users, said, “It's sim­ply a game of cat and mouse, and this is our job, so let's play.”

What this re­ally means for new users con­tem­plat­ing be­tween Netflix Malaysia and Netflix U.S. is this: Netflix Malaysia is eas­ily the more fuss­free op­tion, but it comes at the cost of a lim­ited cat­a­log; on the other hand, Netflix U.S. pro­vides more en­ter­tain­ment op­tions, but it costs more and could be prob­lem­atic at times (es­pe­cially if Netflix U.S. clamps down on your VPN or proxy ser­vice provider).

MARCH 2016




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