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You may also need to in­crease the de­fault volt­ages while over­clock­ing. Some­times, a volt­age boost is what is needed to make an over­clock sta­ble, but you'll want to do this in tiny 0.05V in­cre­ments. Play­ing around with volt­ages is al­ways risky, and we wouldn't ex­ceed an up­per limit of 1.35V.

The Ad­vanced Tun­ing panel lets you change things like the ref­er­ence clock and volt­ages.

The CPU Stress Test will come in handy for as­sess­ing long-term sta­bil­ity. Over­clock­ing is an art more than a sci­ence, and it is of­ten a fe­lic­i­tous com­bi­na­tion of trial and er­ror and sheer luck that helps you squeeze the most out of your CPU.

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