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Pick­ing the right car is win­ning half the bat­tle. The pop­u­lar no­tion is to drive some­thing that is heav­ily ar­mored. Pres­i­dent Obama's pres­i­den­tial car, for ex­am­ple, is pro­tected by 8-inch thick doors and is strong enough to with­stand gun­fire, bombs and grenades. How­ever, not ev­ery­one is likely to have that kind of lux­ury. And the best car for the job is in fact the most com­mon car you can find in your area of op­er­a­tion.

The rea­son is to blend in. For the most part, the mas­sive lim­ou­sines that you see used to trans­port VIPs are all for show. While that is all hap­pen­ing, the VIP is usu­ally sneaked off in a much more dis­creet car. Pick a com­mon car that you see in the area so that it won't at­tract at­ten­tion and peo­ple won't even bother to take a close look at it. Of course, pick some­thing that's fairly ma­neu­ver­able too - use com­mon sense.

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