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Is your spi­der sense tin­gling? Do you feel like you are be­ing fol­lowed? Keep calm. In the movies, you of­ten see the tar­get speed­ing up and then swerve through traf­fic like a mad man. Well, ac­cord­ing to pro­fes­sion­als, that's just dumb. Why would you need to go so fast? It just makes things eas­ier for the peo­ple that are try­ing to fol­low you, as they will be able to spot you eas­ier. Ad­di­tion­ally, go­ing fast to the point where you are dis­re­gard­ing traf­fic rules just makes you more likely to get into an ac­ci­dent your­self.

In­stead, the right thing to do is to keep go­ing and look for an op­por­tune mo­ment to ex­e­cute a very abrupt 180-de­gree turn. Next, pay at­ten­tion to see if any­one is do­ing the same. If they are, move to the side and slow down. This puts you in the up­per hand, as the car fol­low­ing you can­not slow down now as well oth­er­wise it would be too ob­vi­ous. Now, al­low it to pass and ob­serve what the car is try­ing to do.

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