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It's com­mon sense, but what­ever you do, do not crash. This is also why it is not ad­vis­able to drive at ex­ces­sive speeds, keep to a mod­er­ate speed of around 100km/h so that you can still main­tain rea­son­able con­trol of your car. But if your car is clearly faster, you can al­ways just out­run your pur­suer.

An­other rule to note is never let your pur­suer pull up along­side you. When they are along­side, you be­come an easy tar­get. When they are along­side, they might also at­tempt to force you off road. Hence, en­sures your sides are blocked by driv­ing next to some­thing else. It can be an­other car, the pave­ment, rail­ings, trees or what­ever. The idea is to make it hard for them to come up along­side you.

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