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You might not be aware of it, but your fridge ac­tu­ally con­sumes more energy each time you open and close its door. This isn’t the case with LG’s Dual Door-in-Door re­frig­er­a­tor though, as its two in­de­pen­dent ‘Door-in-Door’ com­part­ments are able to re­duce cold air loss by up to 47.3 per­cent, sim­ply be­cause the en­tire re­frig­er­a­tor isn’t opened – only a small ded­i­cated sec­tion on its front is. Help­ing to fur­ther min­i­mize energy con­sump­tion is its In­verter Lin­ear Com­pres­sor, which has been tested to save energy by up to 32 per­cent, com­pared to a con­ven­tional com­pres­sor.

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