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The Len­ovo idea­cen­tre Y900 is a pre-build desk­top gam­ing rig that packs power in a case that is both sub­tly eye-catch­ing and prac­ti­cal. Although not for the DIY purist at heart, this gam­ing rig from the num­ber one PC maker in the world, cer­tainly has its ad­van­tages.

De­sign-wise, the idea­cen­tre Y900 checks off all the boxes of what you'd ex­pect from a mod­ern gam­ing PC: it's black, has glow­ing red lights, and looks as if it came out from a sci-fi movie. That said, it does not look ‘out of this world', but rather more down to earth. The chas­sis also has an easyto-open trans­par­ent side panel that lets you not only gaze at its graph­ics card and in­ter­nal com­po­nents un­der warm red lights, but also ac­cess them.

The side panel pops right off once you flip a lock switch, and hit a but­ton on the top of the ma­chine, al­low­ing you to eas­ily gain ac­cess to the com­po­nents with­out bust­ing out a tool­kit. The Y900's hot-swap hard drive bays can be opened with a quick push, though you'll need a screw­driver once it's time to change graph­ics cards – an un­der­stated, but very ap­pre­ci­ated fea­ture.

Another de­sign fea­ture we ap­pre­ci­ate is how clean the inside of the chas­sis re­ally is. Ev­ery­thing is ac­ces­si­ble, with no nests of wires clog­ging things up. This makes up­grad­ing the Y900 a pain­less and easy process.

It can be con­fig­ured with up to a 6th gen­er­a­tion In­tel Core i7 pro­ces­sor, backed by up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM (achiev­able us­ing four DIMM slots), and there's enough space to slot in another graph­ics card for a dual GPU setup. There's also am­ple space for up to four hard drives that can store up to 2TB each.

The re­view unit that we re­ceived was fit­ted with an In­tel Core i7-5500U pro­ces­sor with 8GB of mem­ory, 2TB of stor­age, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 graph­ics card.

It was able to han­dle our test games with lit­tle prob­lem. In our bench­mark tests, it scored a higher than av­er­age 9,693 and 5,025 on Fire Strike and Fire Strike Ex­treme, and a com­mend­able 2,590 on Fire Strike Ul­tra. These num­bers show that the Y900 is more than ca­pa­ble of han­dling 1080p gam­ing, but an up­grade is needed to achieve 4K gam­ing.

As this is a Len­ovo PC, we also put the Y900 through 3DMark's Home and Cre­ative tests. It scored 4,623 in the Home test, clearly show­ing that it is over­pow­ered for typ­i­cal ev­ery­day tasks. In Cre­ative, how­ever, the Y900 prove to be a com­pe­tent com­pan­ion for the cre­ative at heart by scor­ing a high 6,091 in tests that in­clude video and graph­ics ren­der­ing.

Fi­nally, at re­tail, the idea­cen­tre Y900 comes bun­dled with a Len­ovo Y mousepad, gam­ing mouse, and gam­ing tac­ti­cal key­board.


The open, spa­cious, and eas­ily­ac­ces­si­ble in­te­rior of the Y900 re­flects its pos­si­bil­i­ties.


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