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con­nected via LAN ca­ble, while keep­ing the wire­less bands free to serve the ever-grow­ing num­ber of de­vices that don't come with an RJ45 port for their con­nec­tiv­ity needs. The eight LAN ports also al­low for bet­ter use of the 802.3ad Link Ag­gre­ga­tion Group tech­nol­ogy, which lets you use two RJ45 ca­bles as a sin­gle con­nec­tion when con­nected to a NAS.

Of course, this doesn't mean the RT-AC88U is skimp­ing on its wire­less fea­tures. It's an AC3100 router, which means it has a 2.4GHz band go­ing with speeds of up to 1,000Mbps, a 5GHz band go­ing up to 2,167Mbps, and sup­port for MU-MIMO. In other words, this is one router that got you cov­ered whether you pre­fer good old-fash­ioned ca­ble con­nec­tions or wire­less. On cur­rent tech, our tests have shown that in ranges of 5m, 10m and 15, the RT-AC88U will get 1GB worth of files across de­vices wire­lessly in 42.8, 53.1, and 55.9 sec­onds, re­spec­tively. 4GB, on the other hand, is moved in two min­utes 55.8 sec­onds, two min­utes 58.5 sec­onds, and three min­utes


Eight of the LAN ports in all their glory.


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