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Kingston DataTrav­eler 2000 is a USB drive that fea­tures USB 3.0 speeds and hard­ware level en­cryp­tion. It's def­i­nitely in­trigu­ing, es­pe­cially to the more se­cu­rity-in­clined in­di­vid­u­als. The DT2000 does sac­ri­fice ease of use to a cer­tain de­gree to en­sure that sen­si­tive data stored within your USB drive is for your eyes only. Here, we take a look at the trade-offs and see if the DT2000 is worth your con­sid­er­a­tion.

The DT2000 looks and func­tions ex­actly like the datAshur Pro drive by iS­tor­age, a com­pany that spe­cial­izes in mak­ing hard­ware en­crypted stor­age de­vice in the U.K. In fact, it is ba­si­cally a re­brand­ing of the ex­act same prod­uct.

The de­sign and build is a state­ment of qual­ity. The drive's cas­ing and its ac­com­pa­ny­ing match­ing sleeve is made of durable alu­minium, which gives it a sturdy feel. Once capped, the gas­ket at the base of the drive ef­fec­tively turns the whole thing wa­ter­proof. We like the




APRIL 2016 ad­di­tion of a steel wire loop at the end of the drive, as it makes it eas­ier to hang the drive off of a key­chain.

As we said at the be­gin­ning, with se­cu­rity comes a level of com­plex­ity. And in this case, it comes in the form of a pass­code sys­tem, which is also the main fea­ture of the drive. Although easy to use, it is not ex­actly in­tu­itive. A user man­ual would have helped. In­stead, Kingston opted to in­clude a four-panel pic­togram and a URL to the on­line user man­ual in its pack­ag­ing in­stead. It should be note the URL took us to the prod­uct page, in­stead of link­ing us di­rectly to the instructions. Upon un­lock­ing, you'll find a copy of the user man­ual within the drive.

The two-line ver­ti­cal num­ber pad used to in­put the pass­code onto the drive is small, but clicks with each press af­fir­ma­tively. It's go­ing to present some chal­lenge for peo­ple with wider fin­gers. Nev­er­the­less, the but­tons seem re­silient enough from wear­ing out or be­ing dam­aged over time.

Ap­ples to ap­ples, the per­for­mance of the DT2000 is as we ex­pect. In prac­tice, smaller files felt like they took longer than they should dur­ing trans­fer, while larger files fared bet­ter. On the other hand, the DT2000 is no or­di­nary ap­ple. It is en­crypted and built for se­cu­rity af­ter all, so a lit­tle slow­down is ac­cept­able.




Wa­ter­proof and dust­proof

Cer­ti­fied to IP57 rat­ingt


USB 3.0 com­pli­ant and 2.0 com­pat­i­ble


USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0)




Our test shows re­sults that are close to the rated speeds, but only on se­quen­tial data.


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