Ap­ple Gains Sup­port from Tech Gi­ants in its Stance Against the FBI

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Ap­ple's tough battle with the Federal Bu­reau of In­ves­ti­ga­tion (FBI) in the U.S. may be tak­ing a toll on the Cu­per­tino com­pany, but last month, the com­pany dis­cov­ered that it was not alone in its fight to pro­tect the iPhone's se­cu­rity.

Many com­pa­nies showed their sup­port when they pledged to stand be­sides Ap­ple in their fight for con­sumer pri­vacy. The com­pa­nies, which in­clude the likes of Ama­zon, Face­book, Google, and Mi­crosoft, gath­ered last month to file a joint am­i­cus brief, so as to join Ap­ple in its de­fi­ance against the FBI's re­quest for Ap­ple to cre­ate a back­door OS that would al­low the law en­force­ment agency the abil­ity to break into the iPhone be­long­ing to the sus­pect in­volved in the San Bernardino case.

The sup­port comes just af­ter Twit­ter, Airbnb, LinkedIn, and 13 other com­pa­nies also filed a sep­a­rate joint am­i­cus brief, along with In­tel and AT&T sub­mit­ting their own fil­ing on the mat­ter of pri­vacy.

"The gov­ern­ment is not just ask­ing com­pa­nies to do what they do in the nor­mal course of busi­ness; the gov­ern­ment is ask­ing com­pa­nies to change how they do busi­ness," they said in their fil­ing. But while they noted that they don't have any sym­pa­thy for ter­ror­ists, the com­pa­nies added that "cell phones are the way we or­ga­nize and re­mem­ber the things that are im­por­tant to us; they are, in a very real way, an ex­ten­sion of our mem­o­ries. And as a re­sult, to ac­cess some­one's cell phone is to ac­cess their in­ner­most thoughts and their most pri­vate af­fairs."

APRIL 2016




Ap­ple's battle against the FBI just got a lit­tle eas­ier, thanks to the sup­port from big com­pa­nies. (Im­age source: Wired.)

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