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HWM (Malaysia) - - TELEPORT - UNLOCKED - By Ian Chee

T E S T E D & R AT E D


Z5 Com­pact may come in a pocket-friend­lier form fac­tor, it has its mi­nor share of flaws. First off, the sides are made of matte plas­tic in­stead of the usual alu­minum found on the other Z5 de­vices. This makes it a lit­tle less sturdy, but it looks ar­guably bet­ter, be­ing a sin­gu­lar, seam­less piece. On the back is frosted glass that is still more scratch-re­sis­tant than plas­tic, but it does give the feel­ing that it's more prone to get­ting marks com­pared to a crisp piece of glass. That said, all of these do make it more grip-friendly when you hold it in your hands, even if you've re­cently dipped your hands into a pool of melted but­ter.

On per­for­mance, the Xperia Z5 Com­pact may have 1GB of RAM less than its sib­lings, but it does have less pix­els to churn out, which should make per­for­mance com­pa­ra­ble. In fact, here are the re­sults of our usual list of bench­marks. The Xperia Z5 Com­pact man­aged a score of 26,289 on 3DMark Ice Storm Un­lim­ited, 4,966 on PCMark, 28,466 on Quad­rant, and an av­er­age of 59.3 fps on Epic Ci­tadel run­ning on Ul­tra High Qual­ity. It would also last eight hours and 21 min­utes of con­tin­u­ous use, but un­der more re­al­is­tic use sce­nar­ios, still eas­ily last you two days.

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