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MONEY IS THE ROOT OF THIS PESTI­LENCE in­tro­duces it­self in a pretty odd man­ner. You are shown mul­ti­ple clips of peo­ple go­ing on a mad shop­ping spree on Black Fri­day, and things grad­u­ally turn into what feels like a se­ries of zom­bie apoca­lypse movie trail­ers. Fol­low­ing that, the Strate­gic Home­land Di­vi­sion (or sim­ply Di­vi­sion) is in­tro­duced and you, an agent of the Di­vi­sion, are called into ac­tion. You are first taken through a short tu­to­rial in a small playable area of what’s sup­posed to be a small sec­tion of dystopian Brook­lyn, be­fore mov­ing on to the larger area of Man­hat­tan.

In many ways, the game feels like an in­ter­est­ing blend of and You have the sim­i­lar – though not quite as se­vere – post-apoc­a­lyp­tic feel of the for­mer through­out the game, with gen­eral game­play be­ing more like the lat­ter. You start off with your stan­dard equip­ment, and get bet­ter ones as you progress by ei­ther buy­ing them with mis­sion cash re­wards, by scav­eng­ing and loot­ing from dead en­e­mies, or craft­ing them your­self. The qual­ity of the gear you get is de­ter­mined by your level, and the gen­eros­ity of the RNG.

is gen­er­ally re­ally good, to put it sim­ply. There’s a cer­tain warm, fuzzy feel­ing that third-per­son shoot­ers with RPG el­e­ments give you that vanilla first-per­son shoot­ers just don’t. With that said, there are some prob­lems. AL­WAYS ON­LINE IS JUST AS DYSTOPIAN The first con­cerns the NPC en­e­mies you face. Those be­long­ing to ei­ther the Clean­ers or Rik­ers look well armed enough to pro­vide the chal­lenge that they do. The is­sue is when or­di­nary ri­ot­ers come run­ning at you, with pis­tols and SMGs do­ing more dam­age than your as­sault ri­fle or LMG, and you take more dam­age from those pea shoot­ers wear­ing pro­tec­tive gear than they do from your heavy weaponry, with hood­ies be­ing their only ar­mor. This gets es­pe­cially ridicu­lous at higher lev­els, when they take 20 marks­man ri­fle shots to the head be­fore keeling over, and you get knocked down from one sec­ond of SMG spray­ing.

Then, you have the non­sen­si­cal ne­ces­sity to al­ways be on­line. Yes, we know

is built around co­op­er­a­tive play, but this meant that you can’t play when the servers are down, and when they’re not, you’ll have to wait in line be­fore you can. And when you do get into the game, you face the is­sue of lag even if you choose to play alone, which makes about as much sense as get­ting a hang­over even if you’ve not had any al­co­hol in your sys­tem.



Dy­namic weather and day-night cy­cles also give things a

lit­tle more va­ri­ety.

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