The Leg­end of He­roes: Trails of Cold Steel

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A WOR­THY AD­DI­TION Any JRPG fan would have played at least one

game by now. De­vel­oped by Ni­hon Fal­com, the same peo­ple re­spon­si­ble for the amaz­ing

se­ries, as well as the Ys se­ries,

is the lat­est JRPG ti­tle from the de­vel­oper to re­ceive an English lo­cal­iza­tion.

Fans who have been fol­low­ing pre­vi­ous se­ries, namely and

will be fa­mil­iar with the events in

as the game is set as the same time and arc as the other two games. While this is so, new­com­ers will not feel out of place be­cause there are plenty of back­ground el­e­ments ex­plained through­out the game.

With­out spoil­ing too much though, (and its sub­se­quent se­quels) fo­cuses on the Erobo­nian Em­pire, who are por­trayed as the an­tag­o­nists in ear­lier games. This is a rather in­ter­est­ing take on things, as we get a good look at the so­cial struc­ture of the em­pire, and how




APRIL 2016 the game’s group of pro­tag­o­nists is at­tempt­ing to defy this.

You take on the role of Rean Sch­warzer, who be­longs to Class VII in the Thors Mil­i­tary Academy. Class VII is unique in the way that it’s the only class – ever - from the em­pire that has both no­ble and nor­mal cit­i­zens as stu­dents. Through­out the game, you learn more about the rest of your class­mates and hone your com­bat skills, all while a civil war is loom­ing in the back­ground. A LAYER OF STRAT­EGY Game­play is pretty straight­for­ward – it’s some­what of a clone. There are el­e­ments of a life-sim­u­la­tor, but it’s a turn-based RPG at its core. The life-sim el­e­ments al­low you to forge bet­ter ‘Links’ with your class­mates and other NPCs, which in turn lets you per­form more pow­er­ful moves in com­bat.

As for com­bat it­self, all char­ac­ters have ac­cess to Arts and Crafts. Arts are mostly magic-based skills based on what ‘Quartz’ you equip on a char­ac­ter, while Crafts are unique char­ac­ter skills. The Links men­tioned above lets you link two ac­tive char­ac­ters, upon which they can fol­low-up with at­tacks or sup­port each other. In short, the game­play in

is easy enough to un­der­stand, yet deep enough to re­main in­ter­est­ing. SOME­THING YOU CAN SINK YOUR TEETH INTO Over­all, is def­i­nitely an RPG worth play­ing. The char­ac­ters are fleshed out, while the story, which has a ten­dency to drag in the first half of the game, works up to be more ex­cit­ing later on. The end­ing is a cliffhanger though, so you’ll def­i­nitely want to get

if it does

get lo­cal­ized.



There are nine mem­bers in Class VII.

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