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Now, I have my 3D Char­ac­ter, I'm go­ing to use it in a de­sign. Again, this part is very sim­ple. All I do is click Save to Cre­ative Cloud Li­braries, name it, select the Li­brary I want to save it in, and I'm done! Fuse up­loads the char­ac­ter to my Cre­ative Cloud Li­brary and I can ac­cess the 3D model in Pho­to­shop CC.

Once the file is saved to my Cre­ative Cloud Li­braries, I can open Pho­to­shop CC, cre­ate a new doc­u­ment and sim­ply drag the char­ac­ter onto it from the Li­brary.

This is a true 3D char­ac­ter, so I can ro­tate, pan, scale, and even give it a pose or an­i­ma­tion. I am go­ing to jump to the 3D win­dow lay­out, which gives me ac­cess to the 3D tools. If I select the char­ac­ter in the 3D lay­ers, I can then choose be­tween hun­dreds of poses and an­i­ma­tions. I can step through the frames of the an­i­ma­tion to choose a pose I like, or I can out­put the en­tire an­i­ma­tion as a video. The 3D layer in Pho­to­shop CC is like any other layer, so I can build the 3D char­ac­ter into any de­sign I like with 2D and 3D el­e­ments to­gether. Join us next month, where Paul takes you through the ba­sics of Pho­to­shop Fix.

APRIL 2016




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