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Al­though stress has of­ten been re­ferred to as the ‘silent killer', it doesn't al­ways have to live up to its no­to­ri­ous rep­u­ta­tion. You can pre­vent it from man­i­fest­ing with­out your knowl­edge with the POMO 37° – a wrist­band that uses biorhythm sen­sors to mon­i­tor your blood pres­sure in real time. By ob­serv­ing the fluc­tu­a­tions in your blood pres­sure, the 37° will also be able to de­ter­mine your heart rate, res­pi­ra­tory rate, and even your emo­tional status. The 37° has a seven-day bat­tery life and an un­ob­tru­sive weight of just 21g.

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