The Armaggeddon RGB Raptor MKA-11R is an in­dus­trial-style me­chan­i­cal key­board with the key switches at­tached di­rectly to an ex­posed alu­minum plate. Be­low the plate, a glossy, black plas­tic layer forms the base of the unit. Un­der­neath, two small feet let you change the an­gle of the key­board. The MKA-11R doesn't have any ded­i­cated macro keys but you do get some me­dia con­trol keys in the top-right cor­ner above the num­ber pad.

The switches on the MKA-11R are Kailh clones of Cherry MX switches, rated for the same 50 mil­lion key­strokes. Kailh switches are made in China, while Cherry switches are made in Ger­many, but oth­er­wise seem func­tion­ally iden­ti­cal. There are re­ports of Kailh switches not be­ing as con­sis­tent as Cherry switches in terms of ac­tu­a­tion force and dis­tance, but we ex­pe­ri­enced no such is­sues with this key­board. Our re­view set is equipped with Kailh blues, and in us­age, the switches feel func­tion­ally iden­ti­cal to Cherry MX Blues. Ob­vi­ously we haven't been able to put them through 50 mil­lion key­strokes to see if they hold up, but we've no com­plaints so far. One thing that's nice about Kailh switches is that the stems are com­pat­i­ble with key­caps made for Cherry switches, so you can eas­ily switch to a cus­tom set if you want. The de­fault key­caps have a shal­low curve to them, but are oth­er­wise fairly stan­dard. The key­board has full N-key rollover and anti-ghost­ing, so you'll have no prob­lems with dropped in­put.

LED light­ing on the key­board can be con­trolled through soft­ware or by us­ing the Fn key + F1 - F11 to cy­cle through the eleven var­i­ous ef­fects (F12 turns the light­ing off). The lights aren't as bright as the light­ing we've seen on other key­boards but they're suf­fi­cient.

Macro record­ing can't be done on the fly and has to be set up through Armaggeddon's soft­ware. The soft­ware lets you set up pro­files for each game, and you can then record macros and as­sign them to dif­fer­ent keys. Ev­ery key can be pro­grammed, ex­cept for the four me­dia keys in the top right – which is a bit frus­trat­ing as their po­si­tion makes them per­fect macro can­di­dates.

The MKA-11R fea­tures an ex­posed alu­minum plate de­sign.

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