The G810 Orion Spec­trum is a com­pact me­chan­i­cal key­board with a sim­ple black plas­tic hous­ing that is matte on the top and glossy on the sides. In­side there's a steel plate for sta­bil­ity. The G810 makes good use of avail­able space with ded­i­cated me­dia con­trols at the top right, which in­cludes a vol­ume scroll wheel. On the bot­tom of the key­board, two feet let you ad­just the typ­ing an­gle between 0, 4, and 8 de­grees.

The G810 uses Logitech's Romer-G switches, which are made in Ja­pan by Om­ron, and are rated for 70 mil­lion key­strokes, mak­ing them more durable than both Cherry and Kailh switches. The switches are non-clicky and have a low 45g ac­tu­a­tion force (the same as Cherry MX Browns and Reds) and a very light tac­tile bump. The switch has a short ac­tu­a­tion point of 1.5mm (MX Browns are 2mm) and travel from ac­tu­a­tion point to bot­tom­ing out is also quite short – we es­ti­mate to­tal travel to be about 3mm. Com­pared to MX Browns, the Romer-G switches feel a lit­tle softer, al­most like Browns with damp­en­ing rings. The key­board fea­tures 26-key rollover and anti-ghost­ing.

Romer-G switches use a unique stem, so un­for­tu­nately the key­caps aren't eas­ily re­place­able. On the plus side, the de­fault key­caps feel fairly stan­dard, with a com­fort­able sculpted curve.

The G810 runs on Logitech's Gam­ing Soft­ware, which you can use to eas­ily re­pro­gram cer­tain keys, link games to cus­tom pro­files and play with the key­board's full RGB back­light­ing. The soft­ware will au­to­mat­i­cally scan your sys­tem for in­stalled games and cre­ate pro­files for them. The G810 doesn't have ded­i­cated macro keys, but with Logitech's soft­ware you can pro­gram macros or key com­mands and bind them to F1 through F12 in­stead.

Light­ing can be con­fig­ured on a per-key ba­sis, or you can opt for pat­terns such as a rain­bow wave that passes along the key­board. You can also have the keys change color when you tap them. Cus­tomiza­tion isn't quite as deep as what you get with SteelSeries, Razer or Roc­cat, but most of the ba­sics are there.

In the top-right cor­ner, you'll find ded­i­cated me­dia keys.

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