The Black­Widow X Chroma is Razer's new­est me­chan­i­cal key­board and is ba­si­cally a stripped down ver­sion of its ex­ist­ing Black­Widow Chroma. The main dif­fer­ence is the lack of a plas­tic face­plate cov­er­ing the key­board. In­stead, you get an ex­posed mil­i­tary-grade metal top plate (which is also found in­side other Razer Black­Widow key­boards) with the switches at­tached di­rectly to it. It's a look that's also fa­vored by Cor­sair and Ar­magged­don. Razer has also re­moved the macro keys from the left side of the key­board, re­sult­ing in a slightly smaller foot­print. Un­like some of the other Black­Widow key­boards, there are no USB or au­dio ports on the X Chroma.

The Black­Widow X Chroma is only avail­able in Razer's Green switch, which is built for Razer by Kailh. It's a tac­tile, clicky switch that feels very sim­i­lar to Kailh or Cherry MX Blues. The only dif­fer­ence – and it's a small one – is a marginally higher ac­tu­a­tion point. Ac­cord­ing to Razer, Razer Switches are rated for 60 mil­lion key­strokes, 10 mil­lion more than ei­ther Cherry or Kailh's own switches. Un­like most cus­tom switches, Razer switch stems are ac­tu­ally com­pat­i­ble with Cherry stems, how­ever, the bot­tom row uses non­stan­dard siz­ing, so it's not easy to find a full set of cus­tom key­caps. Razer has also ditched its cus­tom let­ter font on the X Chroma, in fa­vor of a more nor­mal, eas­ier-to-read one. One com­plaint I have with the de­fault key­caps is that they pick up fin­ger­print oil and smudges very eas­ily, so you're fre­quently hav­ing to clean them.

As with all of Razer's pe­riph­er­als, you'll need to in­stall and sign up for a Razer Sy­napse 2.0 ac­count. This saves all of your set­tings in the Cloud, so you can take your key­board with you, plug it into a new com­puter, load up Sy­napse and have all of your macros and light­ing op­tions still be there. Sy­napse has great light­ing op­tions with a com­pre­hen­sive and easy-to-use con­fig­u­ra­tion menu that lets you set up per-key il­lu­mi­na­tion or whole key­board light­ing op­tions. You can also use Sy­napse to pro­gram macros, al­ter­na­tively, on the fly macro record­ing is also avail­able.

The Black­Widow X Chroma has an ex­posed mil­i­tary-grade metal plate de­sign.

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