The Roc­cat Ryos MK FX is a huge key­board that is built en­tirely from matte black plas­tic, but feels solid and looks great with its mi­cro-dot glossy pat­tern – it also has one of the thick­est braided USB ca­bles we've ever seen. Like Roc­cat's other Ryos key­boards, the MK FX has a large, un-re­mov­able wrist rest, which might be an an­noy­ance to those with lim­ited desk space, but we found it com­fort­able and well-po­si­tioned. The wrist rest it­self has three ‘thumb­ster' but­tons that sit just be­low the space­bar. The po­si­tion­ing of these macro but­tons means they can be hit with min­i­mal ef­fort, un­like the macro but­tons com­monly found on the left side of most gam­ing key­boards – speak­ing of which, you get five of those too. At the top-left cor­ner, the Ryos MK FX has head­phone and mi­cro­phone ports. On the bot­tom, two flip-out rub­ber feet let you ad­just the typ­ing an­gle.

The MK FX uses Cherry MX Brown switches with stan­dard stems and trans­par­ent switches. Un­for­tu­nately, there's no op­tion for Red or Blue switches.

The MK FX uses two on­board 32-bit ARM Cor­tex pro­ces­sors, one to con­trol light­ing and one to con­trol macros. You also get 2MB of on­board mem­ory to store all of your con­fig­u­ra­tions, as well as full N-key rollover and anti-ghost­ing. You'll need to in­stall Roc­cat's Swarm soft­ware to con­trol the light­ing. In­side Swarm, you'll find AlienFX, which was cre­ated in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Alien­ware. AlienFX is one of the most com­pre­hen­sive light­ing soft­ware we've seen, with in-depth cus­tom­iz­a­ble per-key light­ing and a va­ri­ety of whole key­board ef­fects. The light­ing it­self is bright and uni­form.

One other fea­ture worth men­tion­ing is Roc­cat's EasyShift[+] key, which re­places the Caps Lock key. This key lets you as­sign sec­ondary func­tions to any other key (in­clud­ing the three thumb­ster keys and five macro keys), ef­fec­tively let­ting you dou­ble up the amount of macros and com­mands you can store. Hold­ing down the EasyShift[+]key while si­mul­ta­ne­ously hit­ting another key ac­ti­vates any sec­ondary func­tion you've as­signed. If you want the Caps Lock to func­tion nor­mally, you can cre­ate a Win­dows pro­file for when you're not gam­ing, or remap Easy-Shift[+] to another key.

The Roc­cat Ryos MK FX has three 'Thumb­ster' keys on the wristrest.

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