The Tt eS­PORTS Poseidon Z RGB is a com­pact me­chan­i­cal key­board with a sim­ple matte black, plas­tic build. The keys are mounted onto a steel plate for ex­tra sta­bil­ity, and the plate it­self is fin­ished in a re­flec­tive, glit­tery coat­ing that helps re­flect the LED light­ing. The key­board doesn't have any ded­i­cated me­dia or macro keys, so the Func­tion keys dou­ble up as me­dia con­trols, while the Insert row is used to store macros (and to ac­ti­vate N-key rollover). There's also an on/off ar­row switch in the top-right cor­ner that ac­ti­vates gam­ing mode, which makes the macro keys us­able, and also turns the Win­dows key into another con­trol key.

Un­der the keys, the Poseidon Z RGB uses Kailh me­chan­i­cal switches, the Chi­nese clones of Ger­man Cherry MX switches. Un­like the trans­par­ent switch hous­ing used on Cherry's RGB switches, the Kailh switch has the LED built into the top of the switch. This re­sults in the light­ing not be­ing quite as bright or uni­form as Cherry switches (we also saw this with the Armaggeddon MKA-11R). Ac­cord­ing to Kailh, their switches are rated for 50 mil­lion key strokes, which is ex­actly the same as Cherry switches, but it re­mains to be seen if they'll ac­tu­ally hold up for that long. The Poseidon Z RGB is avail­able in ei­ther Blue or Brown switches, both of which are tac­tile. Un­for­tu­nately, there's no op­tion for the lin­ear and very pop­u­lar Red switch, which is un­usual for a gam­ing key­board.

Ther­mal­take uses an NXP LPC11U3 mi­cro con­troller in­side the Poseidon Z RGB, which com­bines a 32-bit ARM Cor­tex M0 core with a 16-bit LED con­troller. The key­board re­quires in­stal­la­tion of Tt eS­PORTS' Poseidon Z RGB soft­ware to con­trol the lights, as with­out it, it will just shine a mo­not­o­nous red color. Once in­stalled, light­ing is easy to con­fig­ure and the soft­ware gives you full con­trol over the color of each key, as well as a num­ber of an­i­ma­tions and ef­fects. The back­light­ing isn't quite as bright as oth­ers we've seen, but it's suf­fi­cient. With the soft­ware in­stalled, you can also record macros on-the-fly by press­ing Fn + F9. Over­all, while the Poseidon Z RGB doesn't of­fer a whole lot in terms of fea­tures, it gets the job done, and it's also much cheaper than our other key­boards.

A switch in the top-right cor­ner lets you ac­ti­vate gam­ing mode.

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