Photo FPS test (in sec­onds)


(lower is bet­ter)

SD cards are pri­mar­ily used by pho­tog­ra­phers for their work. Nat­u­rally, we would want to test our batch for its per­for­mance with a high-end cam­era. We used a Sony II in burst mode - at 1/1,000s, f/3.5, ISO 3,200, shoot­ing at RAW+JPEG qual­ity. Typ­i­cally, data from the pho­tos will go into the cam­era’s buf­fer be­fore it moves into the SD card. Depend­ing on the im­ages’ file size and the cam­era used, the cam­era’s buf­fer can only take so much be­fore it stops to fin­ish its trans­fer into the equipped SD card – in this case, we chose a really pow­er­ful cam­era so the lim­i­ta­tions are on the SD cards in­stead.

The shut­ter was held down un­til the cam­era stopped tak­ing pic­tures, and the re­sult­ing tim­ing shows how long each re­spec­tive SD card could go from the start of burst mode, un­til cam­era stopped to empty its buf­fer into the re­ceiv­ing card. The cam­era stopped at 22 frames each time the test con­cluded.

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