SanDisk X400 M.2 (2280) SSD

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Solid-state drives are inar­guably get­ting smaller and more com­pact over the years. They've evolved well be­yond the tra­di­tional 2.5-inch form fac­tor, hav­ing been re­duced down to a form fac­tor that can be di­rectly in­serted into a moth­er­board, pro­vided that the moth­er­board in ques­tion sup­ports the M.2 for­mat. In this re­view, we tested SanDisk's X400 M.2 (2280) SSD to see just how much of an SSD per­for­mance ra­tio is main­tained.

In its barest form, the M.2 (2280) SSD is an engi­neer­ing marvel in both per­for­mance and form fac­tor. With that said, the con­sis­tency and speed of the X400 is main­tained through its 6th gen­er­a­tion nCache 2.0, which SanDisk is able to not only pro­vide its afore­men­tioned con­sis­tency, but also the oc­ca­sional burst in se­quen­tial read or write speeds when nec­es­sary.

On the sub­ject of read and write speeds, we sub­jected the X400 to our stan­dard bench­marks, which in­clude Crys­talDiskMark (or CDM for short), PCMark 8's stor­age bench­mark, a trans­fer of a 1GB, 4GB, 25GB, and a 40GB file separately, and a load time test con­sist­ing of sev­eral games.

For CDM, we ran the test for both five and nine se­quences, both at loads of 1,000MB/s and 4,000MB/s re­spec­tively. Need­less to say, the X400 did com­plete the se­quen­tial read and write test close to its ad­ver­tised speeds of 545MB/s and 520MB/s. On PCMark 8, the X400 man­aged to ob­tain a score of 4,955, with band­width score of 250.68MB/s.

On the speed of file trans­fers, we trans­ferred the four files from a tra­di­tional hard drive con­nected to the test sys­tem. When mir­ror­ing the files straight from the hard drives, the X400 com­pleted the trans­fers for the 1GB in less than 15 sec­onds, the 4GB files in ap­prox­i­mately 26 sec­onds, while the big­ger files took three min­utes and 44 sec­onds for the 25GB file, and nearly five min­utes for the 40GB file. The trans­fer speeds for the last two files bor­der­line on im­pres­sive, as files as those sizes would usu­ally com­plete the same tasks well past the 15-minute mark were it trans­ferred to another me­chan­i­cal hard drive.

As you would ex­pect, load­ing time for games are dra­mat­i­cally re­duced on the X400. Dur­ing test­ing, we loaded up games like and even

onto the X400 to see how fast they would go from the ti­tle screen to the main game, to which the games men­tioned man­aged to do in less than 15 sec­onds, with the ex­cep­tion of which took slightly longer at 24 sec­onds at its long­est. by

The X400 will blow your files away. CON­CLU­SION

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