HP DeskJet Ink Ad­van­tage Ul­tra 4729

HWM (Malaysia) - - TEST - By Az­izul Rah­man Is­mail

Un­less a printer has a large dis­play, set­ting up wire­less fea­tures such as W-Fi con­nec­tiv­ity and mo­bile print­ing is a test of pa­tience and en­durance. But for ev­ery rule, there is al­ways an ex­cep­tion, and that ex­cep­tion is the HP DeskJet Ink Ad­van­tage Ul­tra 4729, the lat­est af­ford­able multi-func­tion printer we had a chance to test in our labs.

The Deskjet Ink Ad­van­tage Ul­tra 4729 gave us a ma­jor case of déjà vu, as it is al­most an iden­ti­cal twin of the Deskjet Ink Ad­van­tage 3635 we re­viewed some two months ago. One of the best fea­tures on both print­ers is the ease of setup. You will need a PC and con­nect the printer to it via a USB ca­ble to con­fig­ure the printer's wire­less set­tings. It is the sim­plest printer setup we have ever had, bar none.

Once the printer is con­nected to your Wi-Fi net­work, you can dis­con­nect the USB ca­ble and it will re­ceive print jobs wire­lessly. On a PC, the Deskjet Ink Ad­van­tage Ul­tra 4729 ap­pears as a net­work printer, but to print from a mo­bile de­vice, you will need to down­load the HP All-in-One Re­mote app and its ac­com­pa­ny­ing printer ser­vice add-on for your smart de­vice.

Apart from their color schemes, putting the blackand-cyan iA Ul­tra 4729 and the white-and-cyan iA 3635 side by side shows no phys­i­cal dif­fer­ence – which is a good thing, as we like the printer's curvy de­sign that looks more de­signer-es­que, and less in­dus­trial. They also share the same printer car­tridges as well.

Print and scan qual­ity on both print­ers are sim­i­lar. After all, they do share the same dual ink car­tridge sys­tem. Printed text looks clear and de­tailed, but less crisp. This is the same with graph­ics, such as the logo we of­ten use in our tests.

Re­gard­less of their sim­i­lar­i­ties, the Deskjet Ink Ad­van­tage Ul­tra 4729 is tar­geted to­wards small home of­fices, as it's rated for higher dura­bil­ity and rec­om­mended monthly page vol­ume. To the ev­ery­day user, the dif­fer­ence in speed and dura­bil­ity is neg­li­gi­ble, but for a home of­fice or a small of­fice that prints in high vol­ume, the DeskJet Ink Ad­van­tage Ul­tra 4729 is a bet­ter choice.

The DeskJet Ink Ad­van­tage Ul­tra 4729 uses HP46 ink car­tridges, which cost RM46 each. CON­CLU­SION

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