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But be­fore we do, we prob­a­bly should set the record straight and say that we ab­so­lutely have noth­ing against the whole no­tion of video game re­boots – pro­vided that de­vel­op­ers are will­ing to give them the ten­der lov­ing treatment that they de­serve from start to fin­ish, and not just churn out a half-baked prod­uct just be­cause they’re only go­ing to be us­ing it as a des­per­ate cash-grab at­tempt.

With that said, you must be won­der­ing: what is a good video game re­boot? Well, we’re glad you asked.

We’ll be­gin with our per­sonal fa­vorite, the re­boot, which was launched back in 2013. If you’ve had the op­por­tu­nity to play through the game, you’ll un­der­stand why we have noth­ing but praises for it. If you haven’t, you bet­ter have a good rea­son for your blas­phe­mous be­hav­ior, see­ing that you can now eas­ily pur­chase the game (in its Game of the Year edi­tion, no less) for no more than RM80 on Steam.

But any­way, there are plenty of rea­sons why we con­sider

as the stan­dard for video game re­boots, but it’s mostly be­cause of its im­mer­sive, wellthought-out sto­ry­line that’s set on the lost king­dom of Ya­matai which, by the way, is based on an ac­tual an­cient coun­try. The game­play is thor­oughly en­gag­ing from start to fin­ish as well, par­tic­u­larly since Ya­matai – the one depicted in

at least – is in­hab­ited by wolves, a manic cult of pi­rates and mer­ce­nar­ies who want you dead, and of course, un­dead samu­rai war­riors. Slip up at the wrong time, and you’re bound to be wolf feed, or pumped with lead.

Cou­ple all the afore­men­tioned el­e­ments to­gether with the mes­mer­iz­ingly beau­ti­ful tex­tures, mod­els, and en­vi­ron­ments of the game, and you will eas­ily (and un­know­ingly) be spend­ing your en­tire day soak­ing up ev­ery­thing that has to of­fer. Trust us, we know.

Be­fore we continue ram­bling on about how and why

is de­serv­ing of be­ing crowned as the best video game re­boot in ex­is­tence, let us now di­vert our at­ten­tion to the next video game re­boot that’s gen­uinely wor­thy of your money and time:

You really don’t need us to in­tro­duce to you, now do you? Okay, fine. To put it sim­ply, is es­sen­tially on steroids. It’s dev­il­ishly vi­o­lent, bloody, and gory – which is ex­actly why it’s so very fun to play.

The 2011 re­boot def­i­nitely did jus­tice to the long­stand­ing fight­ing fran­chise, thanks to its amaz­ingly

Tomb Raider

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