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SOULS DARKER THAN BLOOD Masochist gamers around the world have rea­son to cel­e­brate the re­lease of this game. The fourth game of the se­ries – fifth if you in­clude

which is a game in all but name – comes with just as lit­tle and just as vague a story as pre­vi­ous in­stall­ments, but a whole lot of ref­er­ences to past ti­tles. Best of all? It is now as fast paced as

You start in Lothric as an Unkin­dled Ash, hav­ing just risen from your eter­nal slum­ber as an un­dead. Your pur­pose in this sec­ond chance at life? De­feat the Lords of Cin­der to re­store the link­ing of the Flame. If this is your first game, then you’d be un­der­stand­ably lost. If this isn’t your first game, we still don’t ex­pect you to get what’s go­ing on, since it’s a game any­way and FromSoft­ware doesn’t have a his­tory of be­ing com­pre­hen­sive with lore of or the

se­ries. WISH­ING YOU TOO HAD A SOUL TO SELL Other re­turn­ing fea­tures of the se­ries in­clude en­e­mies so hard­hit­ting you’ll die after tak­ing three hits from them as they would tak­ing two from you, and bosses that can combo un­til you run out of stamina try­ing to evade all the at­tacks, then health as you can no longer evade after run­ning out of stamina. And don’t bother us­ing your shield un­less you know there are at­tacks you can parry, and that you’re really good at catch­ing them. Most magic spells are also too slow for most boss fights, so it’s usu­ally bet­ter to go in smartly but ag­gres­sively. In

you’ll have to face a boss dur­ing its ‘tu­to­rial’ phase be­fore you can use the souls you’ve col­lected to level up your stats. Per­fect for those who get off to en­dur­ing the most con­sum­ing of rage as you start with the De­prived class. The bosses are also more re­served in de­sign, which helps if you’re look­ing to only be frus­trated by the boss fights, in­stead of be­ing both frus­trated and dis­gusted. In terms of weapon diver­sity, you get ac­cess to a lot of them dur­ing the very early stages of the game un­like with

which have fewer weapons, but each be­ing unique. This means you have ac­cess to a good va­ri­ety of weapons early on to see which ones fit your style of play. On the flip side, this means you start with weapons that clearly aren’t as good as those you find of the same class later in the game. The mul­ti­tude of stats that you’ll need to worry about also means a greater headache, as you think about which one to raise be­fore you burn through the in­cre­men­tally high amount of souls. by


Mix it up by us­ing your weapons one-handed or two-handed, the lat­ter giv­ing you ac­cess to weapon­spe­cific skills.

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