The Heavy Rain & Be­yond: Two Souls Col­lec­tion

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DEVIL’S IN THE DE­TAIL It goes be­yond a shadow of a doubt that Quan­tic Dream’s crit­i­cally ac­claimed ti­tles,

Heavy Rain and Be­yond: Two Souls, were two of the most im­por­tant ti­tles to come out for the PlayS­ta­tion 3. Be­sides the fact that they were the most sought-after ti­tles for PS3 own­ers, both games were prac­ti­cally re­spon­si­ble for re­vamp­ing and re­fresh­ing the con­cept of ‘ma­ture’ sto­ry­telling in video games.

If you missed the chance to play both games back then, fret not, for Quan­tic Dream re­cently re­leased a phys­i­cal bun­dle of

Heavy Rain and Be­yond: Two Souls for the PlayS­ta­tion 4. As you would ex­pect from a re­mas­tered edi­tion of any game, both Heavy Rain and

Be­yond: Two Souls have been given a vis­ual facelift to take ad­van­tage of the ad­di­tional horse­power of the PS4.

The main char­ac­ters are def­i­nitely more life­like, dis­play­ing ev­ery blem­ish, ev­ery flaw, and ev­ery scar that each and ev­ery char­ac­ter gained dur­ing the or­deal in both games. By com­par­i­son to the pre­vi­ous it­er­a­tions, the re­mas­tered ver­sions also give us a clearer view of all the emo­tions that are on dis­play dur­ing some of the more emo­tional and heartwrench­ing mo­ments.

There is, how­ever, one con­stant through­out both ti­tles. The move­ment con­trols on both ti­tles are still the same. Quan­tic Dream has made it a point sim­ply to just leave the con­trols as they were be­fore, so if you still have a cer­tain sense of fa­mil­iar­ity with how each game works, your ex­pe­ri­ence with ei­ther ti­tles won’t be af­fected.


Back when Heavy Rain first launched, its graph­i­cal prow­ess on the PS3 was a tes­ta­ment of what the con­sole was ca­pa­ble of churn­ing out when it was pushed to the lim­its. On the PS4, the con­sole barely flinches. Load­ing times for the game are cut short, en­vi­ron­ments have vol­u­met­ric par­ti­cles, and even Nor­man Jay­den’s scenes within his ARI VR world (the part where he puts on his spe­cial glasses) are de­tailed to a fault.

This new layer of HD fi­delity also means that the frame rates are now at a steady 30 fps, rather than the fluc­tu­at­ing 30 fps or less back on the PS3.

The story is pretty much the same with Be­yond: Two Souls and the tra­vails of pro­tag­o­nist Jodie Holmes and her un­seen guardian, Ai­den. De­tails of the mon­sters that plague Jodie through­out the game are more vivid, and heart-stop­ping mo­ments where Ai­den forcibly pro­tects her (e.g. sur­round­ing her with a force­field as she jumps off the train) look so much bet­ter in Full HD than it did in 720p on the PS3.

Re­mem­ber this scene? The new HD treatment makes this look even bet­ter.

The amount of de­tail is un­canny.

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