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With ma­jor changes hap­pen­ing at Canon Mar­ket­ing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, we sat down with Ed­ward Chang, Se­nior Sales and Mar­ket­ing Man­ager of Canon Mar­ket­ing (Malaysia) and ask him about Canon’s fu­ture in the pro­jec­tor mar­ket. Chang has more than two decades of ex­pe­ri­ence with Canon prod­ucts, and was present when the com­pany first took on the task of in­tro­duc­ing Canon pro­jec­tors into the Malaysian mar­ket some 10 years ago. His con­fi­dence stems from Canon’s al­most cen­tury-long her­itage and core com­pe­tency in pro­duc­ing pre­ci­sion op­ti­cal lenses and im­age pro­ces­sors. Tell us about Canon’s pro­jec­tor lineup and its tar­get mar­ket.

Our lineup of pro­jec­tors ranged from en­try-level pro­jec­tors up to large venue pro­jec­tors. We cater to home users, small of­fices, SMEs, and even ma­jor cor­po­ra­tions to big­ger event set­tings, such as ho­tels and ball­rooms that re­quire pro­jec­tors with up to 7,500 lu­mens.

Our cur­rent tar­get mar­ket is cor­po­rate clients. This year, you will see that we are in­tro­duc­ing more and more high-pow­ered pro­jec­tor and high-res­o­lu­tion pro­jec­tors. One may say that these types of pro­jec­tors could also be used in home or small busi­ness set­tings, but gen­eral home users and busi­nesses like F&B es­tab­lish­ments do not need pro­jec­tors with high lu­mens and high-res­o­lu­tion pro­jec­tions like cor­po­ra­tions do. They just need a ba­sic, bud­get-friendly unit.

We also have of­fer­ings for the ed­u­ca­tion sec­tor. These are short throw and ul­tra-short throw pro­jec­tors, ideal for ed­u­ca­tion ap­pli­ca­tions where teach­ers or lec­tur­ers can in­ter­act or point out the el­e­ments with­out block­ing the view and cast­ing a shadow on the pro­jected con­tent. Fo­cused and well pre­pared, Canon looks to have a strong hand in its play into the pro­jec­tor mar­ket this year. Faced with more com­pe­ti­tion than ever, it will take all of the com­pany’s ex­pe­ri­ence and know-how to stand out and stay ahead of the pack. The pro­jec­tor mar­ket is nowhere near its end, but it is a sat­u­rated one. 130 HWM | M AY 2 0 1 6 What are the key tech­nolo­gies that are unique to Canon pro­jec­tors?

One of our unique sell­ing points is AISYS (or Aspec­tual Il­lu­mi­na­tion Sys­tem). It is made of a so­phis­ti­cated op­ti­cal ar­ray, in­clud­ing a spe­cially de­signed Po­lar­iza­tion Beam Split­ter. The re­sult is that we are able to make pow­er­ful pro­jec­tors with ac­cu­rate col­ors and de­tailed pro­jec­tions in a more com­pact and at­trac­tive pack­age.

In line with our mis­sion to pro­duce brighter and higher-res­o­lu­tion pro­jec­tors for the cor­po­rate mar­ket, one of the sig­na­ture tech­nolo­gies on our pro­jec­tors is the con­stant f-num­ber (or aperture). The tech­nol­ogy stems from Canon’s ex­per­tise and ex­pe­ri­ence in op­tics.

On a cam­era lens, es­pe­cially a zoom lens, a con­stant f-num­ber as low as f/2.8 trans­lates to a con­stant bright im­age, no mat­ter the zoom dis­tance. This is true in our pro­jec­tors as well. Con­stant aperture meant that the pro­jec­tion is bright, sharp, and even – no mat­ter the fo­cus or zoom dis­tance.

Our pro­jec­tors also fea­ture tech­nolo­gies such as Edge Blend­ing, where two pro­jec­tors can be used to project a sin­gle wide-an­gle im­age. This fea­ture could be em­u­lated on other pro­jec­tors us­ing soft­ware; how­ever, what we use is a hard­ware so­lu­tion.

Ed­ward Chang, Se­nior Sales and Mar­ket­ing Man­ager of Canon Mar­ket­ing (Malaysia)

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