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Whether you have just snapped a selfie or land­scape, just about any photo can be ‘fixed' like a pro, even on your phone or tablet. For the pur­poses of this tu­to­rial, I have cho­sen to use Adobe Photoshop Fix and an old pho­to­graph of my wife's mother. It was taken many years ago and the print is show­ing many signs of ag­ing, so I want to bring it back to life and re­store it. When you first open Photoshop Fix, you can use the tu­to­rial files to get you started or start a new project by tak­ing an im­age with the cam­era, or open­ing an im­age from the cam­era roll, your Cre­ative Cloud files, Light­room, Face­book or Drop­box.

I opened this im­age from my Cre­ative Cloud files and was pre­sented with 10 tools at the bot­tom of the screen.

Be­fore I start, let's look at the com­mon con­trols in each sec­tion. You can undo and redo us­ing the but­tons at the top right, and view the im­age full-screen. You can also see 'be­fore' and 'after' to­gether us­ing the but­ton at the top left, and com­mit or re­ject the changes us­ing the cross and tick but­tons at the bot­tom. Zoom­ing in and out us­ing the usual two-fin­ger ges­tures works too. 1. Let's start with the Ad­just tool to get the lev­els and con­trast close to where I want.

I'm go­ing to lift the ex­po­sure just a tiny bit by shift­ing the slider to the right and in­crease the con­trast quite a bit by shift­ing it more to the right. I'm also go­ing to clean up the back­ground by lift­ing the high­lights. Once happy, I'll com­mit to the changes by tap­ping the tick on the lower right. 2. Now for the fun bit. There are a lot of scratches on the photo and a stamp at the bot­tom that I want to get rid of, so I'm go­ing to use the Heal­ing sec­tion.

For this im­age, I think I can get away with just us­ing the Spot heal­ing tool. Some tips for us­ing it – get the size of your brush and hard­ness right (softer edges are of­ten bet­ter to blend the changes in), and zoom your im­age in to get more con­trol.

Let's start with re­mov­ing the stamp. Just draw over the bits you want to fix with your fin­ger. If it doesn't work cor­rectly the first time, touch it some more or undo and try again.

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