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The Jaw­bone UP3 is phys­i­cally ap­peal­ing, with its strap made from hy­poal­ler­genic TPU rub­ber, and a sen­sor fash­ioned from an­odized alu­minum. How­ever, form does not fol­low func­tion – the wear­able can be chal­leng­ing to wear. The clasp is tricky to op­er­ate with just one hand. Even though it is ad­justable, we never re­ally got a com­fort­able fit. Worse of all, the clasp seems to loosen with wear, and af­ter just a cou­ple of days, it wears much looser than we would have liked.

Pre­vi­ously, we’ve tried the UP3 on its own and felt it was one of the bet­ter well­ness track­ers you can get. It turns out that the UP3 is not as ac­cu­rate as we ex­pected it to be, af­ter com­par­ing it to Xiaomi’s Mi Band Pulse and the iPhone 6s Plus’ built-in track­ers (see our Bench­mark sec­tion for more de­tails). How­ever, it does still have the best pro­pri­etary app be­cause data recorded is pre­sented in a use­ful and un­der­stand­able man­ner. Other apps sim­ply tell us the num­bers we’ve ac­cu­mu­lated, but the Jaw­bone’s track­ing app has lit­tle snip­pets of fun facts about ex­er­cise and sleep, and it in­te­grates your day’s re­sult to make sense of your num­bers.

The pas­sive Heart Rate func­tion­al­ity was help­ful at large, even though it made us feel help­less in the mo­ment. The Jaw­bone UP3 is largely au­to­matic and de­cides when to take a sam­ple of your heart rate. There are pros and cons to this, of course. On the down­side, there is vir­tu­ally no way to pick up a snap­shot of your heart rate on de­mand – un­like the Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse, which gives you that with­out any has­sle. How­ever, the Jaw­bone UP3’s HR record­ing is quiet and au­to­matic, so you’ll get a bet­ter av­er­age read­ing at the end of the day.

Even if you’re not a stick­ler for pin­point ac­cu­racy within a pas­sive well­ness tracker, it is hard to deny that at RM829, the UP3 is quite pricey when there are more ac­cu­rate al­ter­na­tives at a far lower cost, such as the Mi Band Pulse. Also, while ap­pear­ances are in­deed im­por­tant, we’d like to ar­gue that the Fitbit Blaze would be bet­ter value for money – you pay a sim­i­lar amount, and you get far more than pas­sive track­ing with the Blaze.

Smart Coach within the Jaw­bone UP3 app is a game changer to un­der­stand­ing help­ful data.

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