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You might be ask­ing, ‘Why is an Ap­ple key­board in a multi-de­vice shootout?’ While Ap­ple doesn’t pub­li­cize it, it’s ac­tu­ally re­ally easy to pair the Magic Key­board with any iOS, An­droid or Win­dows de­vice. Just turn it off and on again with the power switch in the top-right cor­ner and it will be dis­cov­er­able in your de­vice’s Blue­tooth menu! Se­lect Magic Key­board and pair. Un­for­tu­nately, un­like the other key­boards in this shootout, you can’t eas­ily switch be­tween de­vices – ev­ery time you want to con­nect to a new de­vice you’ll have to re-pair it again.

It weighs 231g and mea­sures 279 x 115 x 10 mm with a ta­per­ing wedge shape, mak­ing it fairly por­ta­ble. Like all Ap­ple prod­ucts, it’s beau­ti­fully de­signed with a frame made from sil­ver alu­minum with white keys. The back doesn’t look as good though, with its glossy white plas­tic rear. The key­board has a recharge­able bat­tery that Ap­ple says will last about one month be­tween charges, af­ter which you’ll have to use the pro­vided Light­ning ca­ble.

Ap­ple has de­signed a new low pro­file scis­sor switch mech­a­nism for the Magic Key­board that of­fers in­creased sta­bil­ity, while still al­low­ing for a gen­er­ous amount of key travel. The key­board is es­sen­tially the same one found on Ap­ple’s MacBook, and the typ­ing ex­pe­ri­ence on the Magic Key­board was the best out of all four of our key­boards. The keys feel firm with ab­so­lutely no wob­ble, and the wedge shape of the key­board pro­vides a com­fort­able typ­ing an­gle. The only down­side to the keys is that they’re a lit­tle noisy.

As an Ap­ple key­board, the Magic Key­board is de­signed for iOS and OS X de­vices, so some of the ex­tra func­tion­al­ity but­tons may not work with all de­vices. While the me­dia keys (F7 to F12) seemed to work fine, screen bright­ness (F1 and F2) didn’t work when paired with my An­droid phone. The Com­mand and Option but­tons do ac­tu­ally work with Win­dows and An­droid, but you won’t find any ex­tra func­tion­al­ity there like with the Log­itech K380.

The Magic Key­board has a sleek alu­minum frame.

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