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Mi­crosoft’s Uni­ver­sal Fold­ing Key­board is uniquely split in two with a hinge in the mid­dle so you can fold it in half. This makes it by far the most por­ta­ble choice in our shootout.

Open, it mea­sures 295 x 125 x 5 mm, but when folded closed, it’s just 145 x 127 x 10 mm. It’s also the light­est key­board in our shootout at just 178g. The key­board is made of a gray soft­touch ma­te­rial on the out­side and around the edges, while the keys are black plas­tic. The whole thing is wa­ter-re­pel­lent. The key­board is pow­ered by a recharge­able bat­tery, which Mi­crosoft says will last for three months, af­ter which you’ll have to charge it us­ing the in­cluded Mi­cro-USB charger.

Open it up and the key­board will turn on au­to­mat­i­cally. To pair the key­board, just hold down one of the two func­tion keys used to switch de­vices, wait for it to light up, and pair. You can pair two de­vices at the same time. An OS Switch key in the up­per right cor­ner flips the func­tion keys be­tween Win­dows, An­droid, and iOS modes.

On the in­side, the key­board is es­sen­tially the same as Mi­crosoft’s Sur­face Type Cover key­board, but with a big gap in the mid­dle. While this gap in the keys makes it look sim­i­lar to a split er­gonomic key­board, the Foldable Key­board doesn’t qual­ify as such, as it doesn’t an­gle the two por­tions of the key­board into a more com­fort­able typ­ing po­si­tion. Un­like our other key­boards, it also lies com­pletely flat.

The big gap be­tween the keys is hard to get used to. The un­usual lay­out, in com­bi­na­tion with some keys be­ing twice the size of oth­ers (T, G, 7, H, and N) also makes typ­ing on the key­board quite awk­ward as the keys just aren’t where your fin­gers ex­pect them to be. On the plus side, the keys them­selves are firm with a nice tac­tile re­sponse. Note that there are also no func­tion row keys, al­though you do get a line of ded­i­cated me­dia con­trols.

The Foldable Key­board folds to just half its size!

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