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con­nec­tiv­ity and the 7.1 sound card of the Cloud II.

Now, the HyperX Cloud Re­volver is a gam­ing head­set, so of course the first thing we’d want to know is how well it does in that de­part­ment. Ac­cord­ing to HyperX, the Re­volver will al­low you to hear your sur­round­ings bet­ter, and hear what’s go­ing on in the game fur­ther than the com­pe­ti­tion. To put the claim to the test, we ran a few of our fa­vorite FPS games where such sound po­si­tion­ing re­ally mat­ters – Left 4 Dead 2, Counter Strike: Global Of­fen­sive, as well as the co-op TPS War­frame.

And sure enough, for all three games, we could hear the sounds of ap­proach­ing en­e­mies from fur­ther away, but not for the rea­son that you’d think. When com­pared to the pre­ced­ing Cloud II, move­ment from equal dis­tance sounded louder on the Cloud Re­volver, which trans­lates to sounds at long dis­tance still au­di­ble on the Cloud Re­volver when it would oth­er­wise al­ready be in­audi­ble on the Cloud II. At closer dis­tances, ev­ery­thing is louder, which may give you a sense of ur­gency, or the urge to re­cal­i­brate your vol­ume set­tings.

For your mu­sic lis­ten­ing plea­sure, you may find the Cloud Re­volver that comes with­out the sound card a slight bum­mer. That said, with the sound card out of the pic­ture, the Cloud Re­volver does a bet­ter job han­dling vo­cal tracks. Due to the Cloud Re­volver’s abil­ity to let you hear things that are fur­ther away how­ever, it does skew the sound­stag­ing a lit­tle, mak­ing ev­ery­thing sound closer than they should.

As for the microphone, it comes with noise-can­cel­la­tion tech that makes sure your team­mates only hear you, and not your sib­lings squab­bling with your par­ents in the back­ground. It also comes with TeamS­peak and Dis­cord cer­ti­fi­ca­tion, in case it needs cre­den­tials to boost its cred­i­bil­ity. Of course, you can ex­pect to use it with in-game chat clients TeamS­peak, Dis­cord, RaidCall, Skype, or any other VoIP client with­out a hitch. by

The de­tach­able microphone has some flex­i­bil­ity to it, al­low­ing you to ad­just it to its best po­si­tion.

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