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The iPhone SE packs all of the per­for­mance of Ap­ple's iPhone 6s into the com­pact 4-inch body of an iPhone 5s, a phone that was al­ready con­sid­ered un­der­sized back in 2013. While a small phone with pow­er­ful per­for­mance may sound ap­peal­ing, does a 4-inch phone still have a place in 2016?

Now, I ac­tu­ally re­ally liked the iPhone 5s de­sign and feel it still holds up well now. The iPhone SE looks al­most iden­ti­cal to the iPhone 5s. It has the same alu­minum body, with the ex­act same di­men­sions, weigh­ing just 1g more. Even af­ter us­ing a larger 4.7-inch iPhone for the past year and a half, switch­ing to the SE's com­pact de­sign felt like re­turn­ing to a familiar friend. In fact, in my re­view of the iPhone 6, I com­mented that the rounded edges of the iPhone 6 make it feel a bit slip­pery, so go­ing back to the flat sides and more man­age­able size of the iPhone SE was wel­com­ing.

The only no­tice­able de­sign change is that the cham­fered edges are no longer pol­ished. In­stead, they have a matte fin­ish that matches the sides of the phone.

On the back, the SE sports the same 12MP, 29mm, f/2.2 mo­d­ule you'll find on the iPhone 6s. And be­cause the phone it­self is a lit­tle thicker, there's no cam­era bump here. Like the 6s, you can take Live Pho­tos with the SE as well. Un­for­tu­nately, the front cam­era hasn't been up­graded, and is the same 1.2MP FaceTime cam­era that came with the iPhone 6 and 5s.

Im­age per­for­mance from the rear cam­era was ex­cel­lent, and pho­tos are in­dis­tin­guish­able from those taken with the 6s. Color re­pro­duc­tion was ac­cu­rate, and de­tails re­main sharp through­out the pic­ture. Hav­ing

The cham­fered edges on the SE are matte in­stead of the mir­ror fin­ish used on the 5s.

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