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When the Sony Alpha se­ries was re­freshed, we were very im­pressed with the im­proved low-light ca­pa­bil­i­ties of both the A7 II and the A7R II. Both showed greater us­able high ISO per­for­mance. Given how the A7R II's backil­lu­mi­nated sen­sor man­aged to eke out com­mend­able per­for­mance from the 42.4MP sen­sor at ISO 12,800, we were nat­u­rally in­ter­ested to see what Sony would ap­ply the same to the 12.2MP A7S II, push­ing the lim­its of high ISO pho­tog­ra­phy even fur­ther.

Af­ter all, if Sony can get 409,600 on a reg­u­lar sen­sor, what could they do with a one more year of re­search and de­vel­op­ment? Well, it seems Sony has opted for a con­ser­va­tive ap­proach this time. No new back-il­lu­mi­nated sen­sor, though the A7S II does get the up­graded body de­sign and new 5-axis in-body im­age sta­bi­liza­tion sys­tem.

We feel the new body de­sign makes han­dling the cam­era much eas­ier as the larger hand­grip al­lows you to bet­ter wrap your fin­gers around the cam­era. It's more er­gonomic, es­pe­cially when you have larger lenses, as the new hand­grip al­lows you to re­ally get a good hold on the cam­era. As we men­tioned in our A7R II re­view, shift­ing the shut­ter but­ton down is an­other small, but no­tice­able change as it just places the con­trols bet­ter within reach.

An­other ma­jor change is in the AF sys­tem of the cam­era, as the A7S II gets 169 con­trast­de­tect AF points this time, up by more than six times from 25 points on the orig­i­nal A7S. This trans­lates to bet­ter, speed­ier AF per­for­mance, and the new cam­era cer­tainly proved stead­ier in low light, as we found that it was able to get fo­cus in con­di­tions that would have caused AF hunt­ing be­fore. Images seem to ex­hibit just as much de­tail as be­fore, but we do think the auto ex­po­sure and auto white bal­ance sys­tem is fairly im­proved, as cap­tures seem to be truer to life.

While its pre­de­ces­sor re­quired an ex­ter­nal recorder

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