Pana­sonic PT-LB412

HWM (Malaysia) - - SMB - ANALYSIS - By Az­izul Rah­man Is­mail

The Pana­sonic PT-LB412 is an unas­sum­ing LCD projector by nature. Its sim­ple exterior hides new and es­sen­tial fea­tures that make it a very prac­ti­cal choice for the of­fice or class­room. But in our tests, we find that this pro­fes­sional projector has other ap­pli­ca­tions as well.

By de­sign, the exterior of the PT-LB412 se­ries of pro­jec­tors could be de­scribed as ‘spar­tan’. It’s a white box with all the ports rel­e­gated to the back, while the but­tons are on top, the fan and ex­haust on the sides, and the lens right up front. Due to its com­pact form fac­tor, mov­ing and mount­ing the PT-LB412 is made eas­ier.

Its sim­plic­ity is in line with its us­abil­ity. Set­ting up pro­jec­tors has never been too dif­fi­cult, but the PT-LB412 just makes it a breeze. It’s not au­to­matic, but the vis­ual sys­tem it uses to guide users dur­ing key­stone and screen 134 HWM | JUNE 2016 cur­va­ture ad­just­ments is sim­ple and in­tu­itive, and can be done with­out a manual.

Built into the PT-LB412 is a 1.2x zoom lens that can project an im­age up to 100-inches di­ag­o­nally from 3.0 to 3.6 me­ters away. As it is a zoom lens, the projector can be placed within the range to achieve its max­i­mum screen size. This is un­like pro­jec­tors with fixed lenses, which have to be at a cer­tain dis­tance to max­i­mize its pro­jec­tion.

The PT-LB412 se­ries has a max­i­mum lamp re­place­ment cy­cle of 10,000 hours, while its air fil­ter has a re­place­ment cy­cle of 10,000 hours. That is equiv­a­lent to 416 days, which all things con­sid­ered, is what you would nor­mally ex­pect from a projector. How­ever, its 4,100 lu­mens pro­jec­tion is hardly av­er­age.

We tested the PT-LB412 by pro­ject­ing images, text, and video. The clar­ity of the images was sur­pris­ing, but of course, the darker the room, the bet­ter. Watch­ing a movie on the PT-LB412 was a treat. The images were sharp with no blur­ring or ghost­ing. Its built-in speaker is de­cent enough; we could see that it’s a prac­ti­cal option, es­pe­cially if it is placed in the mid­dle of a con­fer­ence ta­ble.

Dis­play Tech­nol­ogy



4,100 lm

Re­mote Con­trol


Screen Size

30 to 300-inch di­ag­o­nally, 4:3 as­pect ra­tio




The PT-LB412 has no short­age of con­nec­tiv­ity op­tions.

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