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iOS US$2.99 It's a lit­tle odd to rec­om­mend the quin­tes­sen­tial Cam­era+ app for self­ies, but we'd ask you to give it a try. Cam­era+ not only pro­vides edit­ing tools, it also comes with its own cam­era func­tion that would make your phone's built-in app blush. For in­stance, Cam­era+ can pro­vide con­tin­u­ous fill light, let you set ex­po­sure sep­a­rately from fo­cus, and even Burst shot mode. You also get high-qual­ity fil­ters and ad­vanced edit­ing op­tions – such as the option to re­move color casts for a bet­ter white bal­ance af­ter the photo is taken. Cam­era+ also pro­vides a great mo­bile photo edit­ing ex­pe­ri­ence that has with­stood the test of time.

Avail­able on iOS only, Cam­era+ comes with a host of cam­era con­trols and edit­ing op­tions that fur­ther en­hance your phone's hard­ware.

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