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You turn on the iBlazr 2 by press­ing a but­ton found on one of its sides. All four LEDs will blink once in suc­ces­sion, and the light­ning icon at the rear will start flash­ing blue. Hav­ing done that, you'll need to con­nect the iBlazr 2 to your smart­phone via Blue­tooth. Once paired, the light­ning icon will glow blue con­tin­u­ously.

It's now pos­si­ble to use the iBlazr 2 as the shut­ter but­ton when us­ing your phone's na­tive cam­era app. Just start up the cam­era app, and dou­ble-tap the light­ning icon to snap a photo.

If you need bet­ter light­ing, just tap the power but­ton on the iBlazr, and it will en­ter con­tin­u­ous light­ing mode. You will then be able to cus­tomize the color tem­per­a­ture. Should you need even more il­lu­mi­na­tion, tap the power but­ton once again for max­i­mum bright­ness.

When in con­tin­u­ous light­ing mode, you have the op­tion to cus­tomize the color tem­per­a­ture by slid­ing your fin­ger up­wards or down­wards on the light­ning icon.

To get the most out of this mode, it's best to down­load the 'Shot­light' app.

The iBlazr 2 can be used with your phone's na­tive app.

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