Let’s look at how these set­tings are ap­plied to the pre­sets.

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Pre­set 1 is meant for gen­eral pur­pose ac­tiv­i­ties like run­ning, jog­ging, cycling or even aerial shows where your sub­jects aren’t likely to be hid­den be­hind ob­sta­cles, and where their speed is likely to be con­stant, al­low­ing you to eas­ily pan to fol­low the move­ment, thus we have a ba­sic track­ing sen­si­tiv­ity of 2, and use the en­tire frame to track your sub­ject.


As for pre­set 2, it’s meant for scenes where ob­vi­ous ob­sta­cles are present. This tells the cam­era to wait longer for your sub­ject to reap­pear if it dis­ap­pears be­hind an ob­sta­cle. It also tracks the cen­ter of the frame more closely, so as long as you’re fol­low­ing the path of your sub­ject it should lock on quicker.


Use pre­set 3 for sub­jects that are mov­ing to­wards or away from you with vary­ing speeds, like in a tennis game for ex­am­ple. Be­cause they’re speed­ing up and slow­ing down a lot, we use the max­i­mum speed track­ing set­ting and medium track­ing sen­si­tiv­ity set­ting, while telling the cam­era to scan the en­tire frame be­cause we don’t know which direc­tion they’re headed.


Pre­set 4 works for ac­tion com­ing from out­side of your frame, for ex­am­ple, skate­board­ers mov­ing in and out of your field of view, or as in the pic­ture above, dancers leap­ing. For this, you want the cam­era to re­act im­me­di­ately to any move­ment, which is why Track­ing sen­si­tiv­ity is set to 0, while Speed track­ing is set to 1. Zone area switch­ing is set to Front be­cause we ex­pect any ac­tion to hap­pen to­wards the front of the frame more than the back.


Fi­nally, pre­set 5 is for re­ally un­pre­dictable ac­tion, when your sub­ject can be mov­ing any­where at any time, with mul­ti­ple changes in speed. For this, we want to use the en­tire frame to track the sub­ject, so Zone area switch­ing is set to Auto. Track­ing sen­si­tiv­ity is at a high level of 3, while speed track­ing is at the max­i­mum of 2.

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