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Ep­son EH-TW8300

HWM (Malaysia) - - TEST - by Ian Chee

For the times when a TV, no mat­ter the size, just doesn’t cut it, pro­jec­tors have al­ways been the al­ter­na­tive. And if you’re in­vest­ing in one, chances are you’d want it chock-full of fea­tures, and likely more so than the av­er­age TV as well. If all this ap­plies to you, then maybe what you’re af­ter is our re­view sub­ject of the month: the Ep­son EH-TW8300.

The EH-TW8300 is a mem­ber of the brand’s Pro Cinema line of pro­jec­tors. To be wor­thy of the name, there needs to be some pretty im­pres­sive specs and fea­tures as well. So we’ll start with the eas­i­est – the ones in­volv­ing num­bers. And im­me­di­ately, we start with some very im­pres­sive num­bers like 2,500 lu­mens of white and color bright­ness. This means that you get a bright pro­jec­tion that doesn’t de­te­ri­o­rate even in a well-lit room. Then, we have the 1,000,000:1 dy­namic con­trast ra­tio to go with HDR sup­port, so that you get high con­trast colors, which will all be per­fectly vis­i­ble, thanks to the im­pres­sive bright­ness.

Another fea­ture in­volv­ing num­bers is the 4K En­hance­ment fea­ture. While this means that you won’t be get­ting true 4K, the up­scal­ing to 4K is so well done that you likely won’t be able to tell the dif­fer­ence, even if you were to look at the pro­jected im­age up close.

But hav­ing 4K En­hance­ment is fine, re­ally, since there aren’t any 4K 3D con­tent for con­sumers. But 3D still works when up­scal­ing Full HD to 4K, and that’s also another fea­ture that you get with the EH-TW8300. You get two pairs of ac­tive 3D glasses that are charged us­ing a Mi­cro-USB ca­ble. Con­sid­er­ing that it’s ac­tive 3D that we’re talk­ing about, we should men­tion that if your eyes are es­pe­cially sen­si­tive, you may ex­pe­ri­ence dis­com­fort and dizzi­ness due to the flick­er­ing of both the ac­tive 3D glasses and the pro­jec­tion, es­pe­cially if their flick­er­ing rates aren’t synched up prop­erly. That aside, the 3D works pretty nicely dur­ing our tests with a few 3D Blu-ray movies of our own.

One is­sue we did face with the EH-TW8300 was sound. As it didn’t have built-in speak­ers, you’ll need an ex­ter­nal one, ei­ther by us­ing the 3.5mm au­dio jack socket or an HDMI port. The re­mote al­lows you to ad­just the vol­ume, but only if you’re us­ing an au­dio sys­tem that sup­ports the HDMI 1.4 stan­dard or later. There are other cre­ative ways to work around this, like plug­ging speak­ers to a connected PlayS­ta­tion 4’s DualShock 4 con­troller and out­putting the sound from there, or con­nect­ing a Blue­tooth sound­bar to a notebook PC.

CON­CLU­SION The EH-TW8300 makes for a good home cinema pro­jec­tor, pro­vided you have equally so­phis­ti­cated au­dio sys­tems to match.

You have lim­ited con­trols if the re­mote con­trol isn’t ac­ces­si­ble to you.

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