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Fly­ing habits of Malaysians shared in Ex­pe­dia’s 2017 Air­plane Eti­quette Study.

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It’s al­ready a well­known fact that Malaysians are in­sep­a­ra­ble from their smart­phones. But did you know that the ma­jor­ity of Malaysians found it harder to sur­vive with­out their mo­bile phones than cig­a­rettes dur­ing long-haul flights? Well, now you do.

Ac­cord­ing to the 2017 Air­plane Eti­quette Study that was con­ducted byy Ex­pe­dia,p , 54 per­cent of re­spon­dents said that they dreaded part­ing with their phones dur­ing long-haul flights, as it meant be­ing dis­con­nected from the world. The other 44 per­cent of re­spon­dents, mean­while, said they found it harder to dis­tance them­selves from their cig­a­rettes, which, isn’t ex­actly any more re­as­sur­ing. The study also dis­cov­ered some other in­ter­est­ing traits about Malaysians when they travel byy pplane. For ex­am­ple,p, 78 per­cent of par­tic­i­pants said they wouldn’t re­cline their seats if the pas-pas- sen­ger sit­ting be­hind them was no­tice­ably preg­nant or an el­derly cit­i­zen. The kind­ness of Malaysians doesn’t stop there, be­cause 54 per­cent of them said they would be will­ing to of­fer their seat to pas­sen­gers in need, such as those who have been sep­a­rated from their fam­i­lies.

But no mat­ter how tol­er­ant and com­pas­sion­ate Malaysians are, there are a cou­ple of things that can still get on their nerves. It should re­ally be no sur­prise that Booz­ers – dis­rup­tive and noisy pas­sen­gers who in­dulges in al­co­holic beverages – are perched on top of the list, with 76 per­cent of re­spon­dents say­ing that they couldn’t stand them.

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