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Zo­tac GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP! Edi­tion

HWM (Malaysia) - - TEST - by John Law

Zo­tac isn’t a name gamers would take lightly, let alone non­cha­lantly. Over the years, the brand has steadily built it­self into both a trusted and prom­i­nent GPU brand, so much so that many gamers swear by the cards that come out of this com­pany. In this is­sue, we’ll be re­view­ing Zo­tac’s GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP! Edi­tion, its new top-ofthe-line graph­ics card based on NVIDIA’s new en­thu­si­ast-level GPU.

The first thing that you’ll no­tice right off the bat with the GTX 1080 Ti AMP! Edi­tion is just how slim the card’s over­all pro­file re­ally is. Com­pared to the ma­jor­ity of cards from other NVIDIA AiB part­ners, the card is gen­er­ally no thicker than a Founders Edi­tion ref­er­ence cooler.

Be­fore you ask, yes: the card is built with Zo­tac’s own RGB light­ing sys­tem, and yes, you can al­ter the col­ors and the way the RGBs glow on the card.

As it is with all Zo­tac cards, this GTX 1080 Ti AMP! Edi­tion is cus­tom cooled with the com­pany’s IceS­torm cool­ing so­lu­tion, along with its FREEZE Fan Stop tech­nol­ogy for its dual fan setup. For the unini­ti­ated, the lat­ter of the two fea­tures en­ables the fan on the card to only spin when the tem­per­a­ture rises to a cer­tain point.

The aes­thet­ics of the card has been kept sim­ple. The cooler shroud is a sim­ple gun­metal gray, and the back­plate of the card is equally as sim­ple in de­sign, with a small cutout made to ac­com­mo­date the Pow­erBoost mod­ules that have been in­stalled into the back of the PCB.

With the aes­thet­ics out of the way, we can now get straight into the meaty bits of the card, its per­for­mance and over­clock­ing prow­ess. Like most cus­tom-cooled cards, the GTX 1080 Ti AMP! Edi­tion comes out of the box over­clocked by Zo­tac, plus some ad­di­tional over­clock­ing head­room for those seek­ing to push the card past the rated clock speed (we man­aged to churn out an ad­di­tional 75MHz).

On 3DMark, the card scored the 9,117 on Time Spy, 19,269 on Fire Strike, 12,795 on Fire Strike Ex­treme, and 6,957 on Fire Strike Ul­tra. On Unig­ine Su­per­po­si­tion, we saw scores of 4,944 and 4,092 while run­ning the bench­mark on DirectX and OpenGL API, re­spec­tively.

The card’s real-world ca­pa­bil­ity was as you would ex­pect. At 4K res­o­lu­tion and

CON­CLU­SION The GTX 1080 Ti AMP! Edi­tion is a pow­er­ful card with a slim form fac­tor.

with all graphic set­tings maxed out, we were get­ting av­er­age frame rates be­tween 30 and 70 fps on ti­tles such as Tom Clancy’s Ghost Re­con Wild­lands and Deus Ex: Mankind Di­vided.

At 4K res­o­lu­tion, this new bench­mark still makes the card strug­gle.

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