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Tor­ment: Tides of Numen­era

HWM (Malaysia) - - GAX - by Sale­hud­din Husin

Tor­ment: Tides of Numen­era is a game plucked straight out of the 90’s and fused with modern me­chan­ics. The back­grounds are in HD and char­ac­ters are fully 3D, which looked de­cent from both afar and up close. If you zoom in though, you’ll find neat lit­tle touches like cloth sway­ing in the wind or trees rustling.

Tor­ment put you in the shoes of the ‘Last Castoff’. Pre­vi­ously the body of an im­mor­tal be­ing called the Chang­ing God (who changes bod­ies when­ever he tires of them), you gained your own con­scious­ness when the Chang­ing God left you for an­other host. Over time, the game grad­u­ally fills you in. Akin to a ‘choose your own ad­ven­ture’ book,

Tor­ment places heavy em­pha­sis on read­ing the moun­tains of text thrown at you. It does get tire­some, but luck­ily, the text (story and fla­vor) is won­der­fully done, with col­or­ful (some­times graphic) de­scrip­tors of what the game wants you to know. Talk­ing, in­ter­act­ing with stuff and ex­plor­ing take up the bulk of the game­play. Com­bat is rem­i­nis­cent of the early Fall­out games where an area is cor­doned off and every­thing is gov­erned by turn-based ac­tion points, from move­ment to at­tack­ing. You can avoid most of them though through us­ing your Might, In­tel­lect or Speed points (de­pend­ing on the class chose at the be­gin­ning of the game). Th­ese points also gov­ern the suc­cess of ac­tions you can take while in­ter­act­ing with peo­ple or things.

Fun as the game is, there are some no­table is­sues. Scrolling isn’t as smooth as it should be, with hitches as you move around, in­ter­act with char­ac­ters, and screen stut­ter­ing. This hap­pens even on the PS4 Pro with Boost Mode en­abled. Then there are the in­sanely long load­ing times. Go­ing from one area to the next can take up­wards of 10 sec­onds.

De­spite its flaws, I still found my­self en­joy­ing my time with Tor­ment. It’s an in­ter­est­ing RPG, a type rarely seen nowa­days (much less on a con­sole). Those weaned on Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf books will def­i­nitely dig it.

CON­CLU­SION Sat­is­fy­ing mod­ern­retro romp with an em­pha­sis on role play­ing rather than ac­tion.

Tor­ment’s iso­met­ric view is both charm­ing and ar­chaic.

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