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With this im­age, Tris­ton was on a short get­away with his wife at Krabi, Thai­land. They de­cided to take a stroll along the Ao Nang beach dur­ing sun­set and Tris­ton took a pic­ture of his wife as she took off on a short jog. Can you see her jog­ging in the fore­ground?

Nor­mally, we would ex­pose for the sky to pre­serve the high­lights, leav­ing the fore­ground se­verely un­der­ex­posed. The dy­namic range of the scene is sim­ply too great for the cam­era to cap­ture in a single ex­po­sure, so Tris­ton’s first step in Light­room was to lower the High­lights and in­crease Shadow de­tails in the Ba­sic panel.

Next, he tar­geted the dark re­gion in the tone curves panel and push the curve up­wards slightly. This helps to bring out some of the de­tails hid­den in the fore­ground, like the sil­hou­ette of his wife and the sandy beach.

Af­ter that, he uti­lized one of his fa­vorite tools in Light­room - the Grad­u­ated Fil­ter – to bring out more tonal­ity in the sky, the sea and the beach. Tris­ton added a richer blue to the sky, more orange to the sun­set, and warmer tones to the beach by ad­just­ing the ex­po­sure, con­trast and the sat­u­ra­tion, then let­ting the Grad­u­ated Fil­ter ap­ply th­ese changes across the im­age.

See how the Grad­u­ated Fil­ter over­lay starts from a strong red and grad­u­ally fades off to in­vis­i­ble? This sig­ni­fies how much it af­fects the se­lected re­gion. And that’s how Tris­ton edited the im­age to re­flect what he re­mem­bers see­ing.

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