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To cap­ture the scene you see be­fore you, Tris­ton said he waited for 1.5 hours; stay­ing near an Ital­ian café just so he wouldn’t miss the tim­ing for his shot. His cam­era was mounted on a sturdy tri­pod and he used a 10X Neu­tral Den­sity fil­ter to take a long ex­po­sure, giv­ing that dreamy feel of the wa­ter.

In to­tal, he shot about seven dif­fer­ent ex­po­sures, with one stop dif­fer­ence in each ex­po­sure. He fi­nally used only three – with pri­or­ity given to the sky, the wa­ter and the beach in the fore­ground. With th­ese three ex­po­sures se­lected in Light­room, Tris­ton right-clicked to get the Photo Merge menu, and se­lected HDR.

Next, he ap­plied the Grad­u­ated Fil­ter Tool to bring out the shadow de­tail of the peb­bles on the beach. Note that he aligned this fil­ter ac­cord­ing to the an­gle of the beach, and also used the same tool to bring up the sat­u­ra­tion of the sky and the sun­set. Tris­ton then ad­justed the over­all tonal­ity of the photo with some mi­nor ad­just­ments to con­trast and clar­ity. Fi­nally, he lifted the ex­po­sure of the huge rocks in the fore­ground just a lit­tle via the Ad­just­ment Brush Tool.

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