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Leader of the Au­to­bots, he reap­pears in his iconic Western Star 5700 XE truck with flame de­cals as his al­ter­nate form. Hav­ing left Earth in the pre­vi­ous film, he re­turns with a men­ac­ing vis­age, and may not be the hero he once was any­more.


The leader of the De­cep­ti­cons is back, hav­ing com­pletely taken over the K.S.I. In­dus­tries drone from

Age of Ex­tinc­tion. His role as an an­tag­o­nist of the film will likely re­main in­tact, but with Op­ti­mus Prime po­ten­tially also play­ing that role, it re­mains to be seen the ex­tent of Megatron’s role in the scale of things.


Sec­ond-in-com­mand of the Au­to­bots is back as the Chevro­let Ca­maro with yel­low and black col­or­ing to match the name. Can he stand up to the leader who was once re­spected by ev­ery Au­to­bot he has fought along­side with be­fore? Or will he be able to con­vince Op­ti­mus Prime of the er­ror of his ways?


The De­cep­ti­con po­lice Ford Mus­tang that has sur­vived the Trans­former con­flict since the first film, he will likely be do­ing what he has been do­ing all this while, serv­ing the will of Megatron and the De­cep­ti­cons.


Au­to­bot medic and mil­i­tary com­bat am­bu­lance makes a re­turn, hav­ing been in­tro­duced and sur­viv­ing Age of Ex­tinc­tion. De­spite his role, Hound will charge head on into any con­flict, but whose side will he be on? the De­cep­ti­cons.

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