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HWM (Malaysia) - - TEST - by Peter Chu

You could say that Len­ovo was a lit­tle late to the party when the PC maker un­veiled its new gam­ing sub-brand – Legion – back at CES 2017, as the ma­jor­ity of its fiercest com­peti­tors – ASUS, Acer, Dell, and even HP – have long had a ded­i­cated gam­ing sub-brand to call their own. But no mat­ter, Len­ovo be­lieves that it will be able to make up for lost time with the first in­ductee to its Legion lineup, the Legion Y720.

The Legion Y720 cer­tainly does look poised to dis­rupt the play­ing field, judg­ing from its im­pres­sive ar­ray of hard­ware, which in­clude a 15.6-inch Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) dis­play, a 2.8GHz In­tel Core i7-7700HQ pro­ces­sor, 8GB of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graph­ics with 6GB of VRAM, and a 1TB hard drive.

It’s loaded to the brim with good­ies too, such as a mul­ti­color back­lit key­board that’s ac­tu­ally nice to type on, in­cred­i­bly loud JBL speak­ers, and, get this – Dolby At­mos au­dio tech­nol­ogy. Yes, the Legion Y720 is the world's first Dolby At­mos Win­dows-based PC, but re­gret­tably, the At­mos ex­pe­ri­ence wasn’t as pro­found as we would’ve liked it to be.

We came to this con­clu­sion af­ter play­ing a few rounds of Over­watch – one of very few games that cur­rently sup­ports Dolby’s im­mer­sive au­dio tech­nol­ogy. For the first few matches, we routed the au­dio through the JBL speak­ers of the Legion Y720, and was left dis­com­bob­u­lated by the deaf­en­ing sounds of gun­fire, ex­plo­sions, and voice quips.

We had a slightly bet­ter ex­pe­ri­ence when we plugged in a pair of Au­dioTech­nica ATHM50x head­phones, and switched on the ‘Dolby At­mos for Head­phones’ op­tion within the in-game set­tings menu. We could hear our en­e­mies com­ing from a gen­eral di­rec­tion, but to pin­point the ex­act an­gle from where they are com­ing from would be a tough ask.

As the Legion Y720 had ab­so­lutely no trou­ble run­ning Over­watch with the var­i­ous graph­ics set­tings cranked to the limit, we de­cided to throw four no­to­ri­ously de­mand­ing games at it in­stead: Deus Ex: Mankind Di­vided, DOOM, Dragon Age: In­qui­si­tion, and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Re­con Wild­lands.

The re­sults? The Legion Y720 man­aged to com­fort­ably run DOOM and Dragon Age: In­qui­si­tion with an av­er­age 69.2 fps and 56.1 fps, re­spec­tively. But even with a GeForce GTX 1060 rum­bling un­derneath its hood, the Legion Y720 could only muster an av­er­age 37.9 fps for Deus Ex: Mankind Di­vided, and a slightly lower av­er­age 33.7 fps for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Re­con Wild­lands. Con­sid­er­ing that you will need a GeForce GTX 1080 (at the very least) to run that last two games at 60 fps, the Len­ovo Y720 ac­tu­ally did a pretty de­cent job.

con­cLu­Sion power-packed and loaded with fea­tures, Len­ovo has cer­tainly hit the mark with the Legion y720.

The five Dolby At­mos au­dio pre­sets didn’t quite im­pressed.

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