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Like the LG G6, the Galaxy S8 packs a huge dis­play into a small body by elim­i­nat­ing as much of the front bezel as pos­si­ble. But just shrink­ing the front bezel wasn’t enough for Sam­sung, who also dou­bled up on the big screen ef­fect by making the S8 dis­play curved on both edges. Sam­sung is calling this new de­sign an ‘In­fin­ity Dis­play’ and it re­ally does look in­cred­i­ble. With no phys­i­cal but­tons on the front, tiny bezels at both the top and bottom, and a dis­play that cov­ers al­most the en­tire front of the phone and cas­cades over the sides like an in­fin­ity pool, it re­ally feels like you’re hold­ing just a dis­play in your hand.

Those curved edges aren’t just for looks ei­ther, the curve al­lows Sam­sung to squeeze a wider dis­play into a nar­rower body, making it eas­ier to use one-handed than a sim­i­lar size flat phone. Of course, with­out a phys­i­cal home but­ton, that means there’s no fin­ger­print scan­ner on the front of the phone. In­stead, Sam­sung has moved the scan­ner to the rear of the de­vice.

The S8 has a 5.8-inch 2,960 x 1,440 pix­els dis­play (570ppi) that is sharp, vi­brant and very bright, making it easy to use even un­der di­rect sun­light. As usual, con­trast is also fan­tas­tic with ul­tra-deep blacks. The S8 is also the only phone with a ‘Mo­bile HDR Pre­mium’ cer­ti­fi­ca­tion, which means HDR con­tent on the S8 should look bet­ter than most other phones.

Specs-wise, Sam­sung hasn’t changed much with the S8’s rear cam­era, which uses the same 12MP f/1.7 shooter as last year’s S7. That’s not nec­es­sar­ily a bad thing, as the S7 had one of the bet­ter cam­eras of 2016, even if Sam­sung did pass on the whole dual-lens fad. The front cam­era has been im­proved, and is now a higher-res­o­lu­tion 8MP shooter with aut­o­fo­cus.

The lo­cal ver­sion of the S8 and S8+ is pow­ered by Sam­sung’s Exynos 8895 SoC, which is built around a cut­ting-edge 10nm process and fea­tures four of Sam­sung’s Mon­goose M2 cores run­ning at 2.3GHz and four ARM Cor­tex A53 cores run­ning at 1.7GHz. It also sports ARM’s new Mali G71 GPU clocked at 550MHz.

Af­ter the Note7’s dis­as­trous bat­tery is­sues, Sam­sung has un­der­stand­ably been a lit­tle con­ser­va­tive with the bat­tery in­side the S8, and it uses a rel­a­tively mod­est 3,000mAh bat­tery.

Dis­play. Mo­bile HDR Pre­mium charg­ing. Ex­pen­sive.

he fin­ger­print scan­ner on the S is awk­wardly po­si­tioned next to the rear cam­era.

The S8 and S8+ have an im­pres­sive 83 per­cent screen-to-body ra­tio.

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